Hire This Hanover County, VA Franchise Attorney Before Starting A Business

Aug 17, 2021

Looking for a franchise attorney in Hanover County, VA? Wilson Law Group, PLC (+1-804-864-5268) offers legal advice, due diligence, and business support to franchisors and franchisees.

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Consider buying a franchise!

It has a number of advantages over launching an independent company. You can benefit from the franchisor’s ongoing business support, experience, and recognized brand name. At the same time, you'll be your own boss!

However, you'll need an experienced lawyer who can help you navigate the various processes and procedures related to starting and operating a franchise business. Wilson Law Group, PLC offers franchise legal services for business owners in Hanover County, VA, including business advice and document preparation.

More information is available at https://www.wilsonlawgroup.net

The Henrico, Virginia-based law firm offers its newly updated services to those who would like to buy or sell a franchise. The firm assists you with negotiations, due diligence, and document preparation.

Wilson Law Group’s franchise attorneys can help you review Franchise Agreements and Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) to ensure you understand the terms of the proposal and can benefit from them. In some cases, the firm's lawyers can negotiate more favorable terms with the franchisor and take the necessary measures to prevent disputes and litigations.

If you are a franchisor and want to expand your business, Wilson Law Group can help you with business advice and legal support. They will prepare an FDD, a Franchise Agreement, an Assignment of Lease, a Security Agreement, and other documents.

The firm’s founder and principal attorney, Jim Wilson, has 25 years of experience helping startups and established businesses with legal matters. He can advise aspiring entrepreneurs on business entity formation, contracts and agreements, litigation risk management, and business financing. He can also help business owners who would like to expand or sell their company.

The firm serves clients in Henrico, New Kent, King William, Prince George, Powhatan, Sussex, VA, and the surrounding areas.

“Jim Wilson was an integral part of setting up my business,” said a satisfied client. “He was informative, available and a great source of support. He helped guide me in the areas that were unfamiliar to me while keeping me a part of the process.”

You can book a no-cost initial consultation to find out how Wilson Law Group can help you reach your business goals.

Go to https://www.wilsonlawgroup.net if you want to find out more!

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