Hire A San Antonio TX Law Firm To Represent Your Domestic Violence Defense Case

Jan 16, 2021

If you’ve been charged with a domestic violence case, contact a defense attorney immediately! This San Antonio law firm represents clients throughout central and south Texas.

Domestic violence is a serious offense. Even if your partner decides not to press charges, don’t forget that the state can still prosecute you.

The Law Offices of Gary Churak, PC offers their legal services to individuals facing a domestic violence case. Based in San Antonio, the firm is dedicated to representing clients from different areas of central and south Texas.

Learn more at https://garychuraklaw.com.

The firm aims to give you a fair chance at clearing your name and fighting the allegations against you. Recognizing the complexities of the justice system, Atty. Churak ensures that you’re fully aware of your situation and the possible consequences of your case.

As the attorney points out, the majority of domestic violence cases are classified as Class A misdemeanors, which carry up to a year of jail time. If a case involves allegations of choking or if you’ve previously faced similar charges, it’s treated as a felony with possible imprisonment of up to 10 years.

The legal professional also warns that a family violence offense may have life-altering repercussions, such as having the case on your criminal record permanently and without the possibility of sealing it with a non-disclosure petition. You may also be denied primary custody of your children should conflicts lead to a divorce or custody case.

Atty. Churak represents individuals of all ages and professions. To help protect his clients’ rights, he makes sure that they are adequately educated, especially on the misconceptions surrounding domestic violence cases. The criminal defense attorney has written extensively on the matter at https://garychuraklaw.com/articles/common-misconceptions-about-charges-of-domestic-violence.

The Law Offices of Gary Churak, PC also specializes in DWI defense, drug crimes, sex crimes, juvenile crimes, theft crimes, probation, and expunctions. Regardless of the type of case, the attorney can be relied upon to provide the legal support that his clients need to aggressively challenge the charges against them. 

He states, “The most important thing they need from me is an assurance that everything will be okay. I give this to them by providing the information they need to fully understand their legal situation and options. Then, my client is armed with the knowledge necessary for them to make informed decisions.”

You may access the website stated above or the Google page at https://g.page/Criminal-Attorney-San-Antonio to find the firm’s location and contact details.

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