Highland Park Non-Profit Offers Cooking Lessons To Orphanages & Builds Kitchens

Sep 19, 2023

Join Joey Morelli in his fight against hunger. The Chicago chef, known for his Joey’s Food Fight campaign, is determined to improve the lives of orphans around the world – and you can help.

In a world of abundance, no individual should go to bed hungry - yet millions face the haunting pangs of empty stomachs and the silent cries of malnutrition every day. You have the power to rewrite this narrative. Join Joey's Food Fight in their mission to end world hunger.

Chef Joey Morelli, known for his work in the restaurant industry and his passion for giving back to the community, is bringing his cooking lessons to more orphanages around the globe, including Cambodia where he recently visited the Hope House orphanage.

You can learn more about his mission at https://www.joeysfoodfight.com/

Through his non-profit Joey's Food Fight, Joey has been helping children and teenagers develop the skills needed to source and cook food so they can live healthier lives. By building kitchens and teaching the kids and orphanage staff to prepare affordable and delicious meals, Joey hopes to help these communities become self-sufficient. 

"Our approach is both educational and entertaining, making the learning process enjoyable for the kids we work with," said Joey. "As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we aspire to collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our passion for making a difference in the lives of children in need."

To raise awareness about his initiatives, in 2022, Joey started uploading videos on his YouTube channel centered around Joey's Food Fight. In his most recent videos, he shares heartwarming experiences from Cambodia and discusses his trip to Ukraine. Check out the inspiring videos at https://www.youtube.com/@joeysfoodfight

A non-profit charitable organization, Joey’s Food Fight is on a mission to build working kitchens at orphanages all over the world, teach cooking and sanitation skills to kids, and raise awareness about the cause. With education and fun at the heart of Joey's approach, he brings smiles and fun to the places he visits, leaving the kids with both valuable skills and fond memories. 

"At Joey’s Food Fight, our mission is to empower and educate children in orphanages worldwide through the power of cooking. We believe that by teaching them valuable culinary and life skills, we can help them become self-sufficient and confident individuals."

With an issue as big as hunger, one man alone can't change the world - but if enough people show support for his cause, Joey can keep making a big difference in the lives of orphans everywhere. So show your support - by donating (if you can), or sharing his videos on social media to inspire others to join the fight.

Check out https://www.tiktok.com/@joeysfoodfight to know more!

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