Chicago Orphanage Fundraiser Fosters Kids’ Culinary Education & Self-Sufficiency

Apr 11, 2024

Food, laughter, and learning make a great combo. By supporting Chicago non-profit Joey’s Food Fight, a charitable organization that supports culinary education at orphanages worldwide, you can help give the gifts of food and laughter – and valuable life skills – to children in need.

The Irish say, “Laughter is brightest in the place where good food is.” This couldn’t be truer about Chicago non-profit Joey’s Food Fight, an organization headed by Chef Joey Morelli that aims to fight children’s hunger worldwide with education, comedy, and delicious recipes served up on various channels, including YouTube and TikTok.

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Chef Morelli is seeking funds to continue traveling to orphanages worldwide, where he builds kitchens and teaches the orphans and organizers how to source and cook their own nutritious, tasty meals. He also hosts a comedy food channel on YouTube to promote the brand and grow an audience of enthusiastic supporters and donors.

Chef Joey Is Teaching Life Skills Worldwide

On the channel, you'll find videos combining cooking classes, comedy, and documentaries of Chef Morelli’s travels to various locations around the world - Ukraine, Cambodia, the Caribbean island of Bonaire, and others - as he visits orphanage kitchens everywhere. The channel showcases the easy, uplifting sense of humor Chef Morelli brings to the cause of fighting children's hunger and to his collaborations with like-minded people and organizations everywhere.

Edutainment for Young People Most in Need

"Our approach is both educational and entertaining, making the learning process enjoyable for the kids we work with,” an organization spokesperson says. “We believe that by teaching them valuable culinary and life skills, we can help them become self-sufficient and confident individuals.”

Follow Chef Morelli's Adventures on YouTube

You can watch Chef Morelli’s recent visit to First Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church in Chicago to support its fundraiser to provide resources for 100 orphans in Mexico. Chef Morelli also stepped into the church kitchen to help the staff whip up a batch of classic pudding parfaits and delectable pad Thai with teriyaki sauce. The video is available at

Carrying the Mission Forward

Chef Morelli has visited Cambodian orphanages twice, most recently in November 2022, and intends to establish a café in Phnom Penh where former orphanage wards can find employment while pursuing a college education. He hopes the café employees will carry on his mission of fostering young people’s self-sufficiency by teaching food sourcing and culinary skills.

About Joey's Food Fight

Joey’s Food Fight founder, Chef Joey Morelli, has a background in restaurant management and culinary arts and has worked in the restaurant industry for many years. He also serves as a board member for StandUp for Kids Chicago, providing food to teen shelters three times a week.

“I founded Joey’s Food Fight to empower kids in orphanages worldwide through cooking,” Chef Morelli says. “It's incredible to see them grow and gain confidence while having fun. At Joey’s Food Fight, we blend education with entertainment, making cooking enjoyable.”

If you love to cook, if you want to support children in need, or if you're curious about other countries' culinary traditions, Joey's Food Fight checks all those boxes. You'll definitely want to join them and their causes!

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