Chicago Chef Teaching Cooking Skills To Orphans: Support His Non-Profit

Mar 9, 2024

Love food and laughing? Joey’s Food Fight has a comedy food channel on YouTube where you can learn how to cook global dishes and laugh with the chef, all while furthering the mission of helping orphans worldwide.

Whether you're addicted to cooking shows or you just love food, it's a scientific fact that laughing and enjoying yourself while cooking makes your dishes taste even better. Watching the comedy food channel from Joey's Food Fight will keep you smiling, teach you how to make new exotic dishes, and support the non-profit's mission!

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The Mission Behind Joey's Food Fight

Joey's Food Fight's primary mission is to "empower and educate children in orphanages worldwide through the power of cooking". The organization strives to foster self-sufficiency and confidence in children living in difficult situations and has collaborated with various orphanages around the world to successfully do so. The organization's work has included the building of clean drinking water wells for orphans, supporting orphanages' ability to acquire land and expand their capacity to serve orphaned children, teaching children in orphanages to cook, and more. 

Chef Joey Morelli

Founder Joey Morelli has worked in the culinary arts for decades, serves as a board member for StandUp for Kids Chicago, and regularly provides food to teen shelters in the Chicagoland area. Joey's Food Fight hopes to continue expanding so that it can educate and empower more orphans in more countries and your support helps them do so!

Joey's Comedy Food Channel

Joey's Food Fight hopes to provide educationally valuable food content that is also entertaining and comical. It will teach you how to cook authentically in various global cuisines and walk you through the steps of creating tons of unique dishes!

One video features the step-by-step process of making Pad Thai from scratch and another video focuses specifically on beef stew with macaroni and cheese. Another recently posted video, called "Soup, Sandwiches, and Guacamole", follows Chef Joey Morelli as he cooks a free dinner for local Chicago residents at a Lutheran church.

You can learn how to make Chef Joey's hand-pressed tacos, a wine, tomato, and green bean stew, as well as achiote Mexican rice in this heart-warming episode. This video, as with all videos published on the channel, has funny commentary and stories from Chef Joey throughout, providing a comedic and educational viewing experience.

Follow Chef Joey around the world as he cooks and dives into local culture in beautiful places like Cambodia, Bonaire, Ukraine, Mexico, and more.

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