Generate More Google Reviews & Increase Online Visibility With This NFC Card

May 3, 2024

Struggling to generate the reviews you’d like for your business? Try using this NFC card, which lets you get more reviews just by tapping the card on a smartphone!

Gone are the days of having to manually send out an SMS or email to beg customers for a review. Now, thanks to mTap, you can quickly and easily tap your Google Review card against a customers' smartphone, and they're instantly taken to your page!

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The ultimate review marketing tool

You can choose from the standard mTap card, or a custom card with your name and logo to help you stand out - and options range from a single card order through to a 10-pack card bundle.

A spokesperson for the business states: "Want more reviews from happy customers? Just have them tap or scan the QR code and take them directly to your Google profile. You do not have to do anything - we will configure the card for you with the Google review link of your business."

Get feedback more easily

A recent study by Search Republic found that 98% of US shoppers consult online reviews before making a purchase decision. With such a high reliance on customer testimonials, businesses are actively seeking effective strategies to get more reviews and enhance their online reputation - but generating them usually relies on calls or emails, which can be inconsistent.

By simplifying the review process, the mTap card helps you to secure feedback more easily, whether at the job site or immediately following the completion of a project. This ensures that customer insights are captured while the experience is still fresh, resulting in more authentic and detailed reviews.

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Perfect for any industry

The mTap Google review card has already garnered attention from various industries, including landscaping and restaurants, with businesses recognizing the card's potential as a powerful review marketing tool.

According to BrightLocal, consumers typically read an average of 10 reviews before making a purchase decision - so by using the mTap card, you can increase your chances of converting customers.

See why customers are LOVING mTap

One recent user said: "Using mTap’s Google Review Cards has been a dream come true for my massage studio. Clients love the convenience of tapping their phones to leave reviews, and our ratings have soared, making us the top choice for people looking for massages."

Sign up for your card now to start generating more reviews – and take your business up a gear!

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