Get Digital Table Stands For Corporate Events From This NFC Solution Provider

Apr 13, 2023

Are you wasting money commissioning table displays that are out of date the second your marketing event is over? Sign up for mTap’s custom NFC stands and update your digital business profile whenever you need!

Get Digital Table Stands For Corporate Events From This NFC Solution Provider

Raise awareness and capture lead information in a single tap! Download the mTap mobile app and start customizing the marketing information your connected table displays share and collect!

mTap’s NFC table-top stand is a low-effort, highly-adaptable networking and event marketing solution.

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The digitally-enabled table stands use NFC (near-field communication) technology, a networking and marketing trend revolutionizing the way that company messaging is disseminated.

Through NFC technology, you can use mTap’s tabletop stands to share your unique digital profile with event attendees, including site links, marketing videos, social information, promotions, and maps. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to handing out paper business cards or flyers and can distribute your digital assets among an unlimited number of prospects, customers, and colleagues.

Through an NFC tap or QR code scan, the table stand transfers the potential connection’s browser to a lead-capturing platform that can collect follow-up information in the mTap CRM app. The app also allows you to adapt your profile in real time and incorporate your brand identity and messaging into the custom design.

The dynamic digitally-enabled networking and marketing solution can be used by businesses and organizations located in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, India, Philippines, UAE, and Australia.

You can place the engaging table displays strategically at trade exhibits, lobby and reception displays, sales meetings, job fairs, and local community events to promote your brand and generate leads. Moreover, they are reusable and versatile, since you can update the links to payment systems, review sites, social channels, and job listings at any time, ensuring that the information you share is always relevant and accurate.

In addition to table stands, mTap produces NFC-enabled magnets, business cards, stickers, and key fobs that you can use in conjunction as part of a comprehensive marketing and networking strategy. Learn more at

A spokesperson for the company said, “To get the best out of an event marketing budget, consider using mTap table displays, both portable and aesthetically pleasing, and put all the essential information directly in front of potential customers.”

mTap delivers near-field communication and marketing solutions for corporate events, job fairs, and lobby displays - visit the company online today to download the CRM and profile customization app!

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