The Best YouTube Cooking Channel For A Good Cause That You Should Subscribe To

Feb 13, 2024

Want to learn about global cuisines and help children in need, just by watching comedy? Subscribe to the new YouTube channel from Joey’s Food Fight in Chicago, it ticks all those boxes!

Food and laughter are two things that link all of us humans together. So, a comedy food channel that helps orphaned children to boot? Just what the world needs!

Joey's Food Fight in Chicago is dedicated to empowering children through cooking, and its unique, hilarious food YouTube channel is a great way for you to get involved!

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Food + Comedy + Empathy

Joey's Food Fight's new YouTube channel strives to provide valuable food and cooking content that is both educational and entertaining. It offers videos covering a range of food-centric topics.

You can learn how to make rice pilaf and different types of soups, salads, and sandwiches from all around the world! Some of the videos recently published on the channel even cover the founder's trip to Thailand's Phuket islands and show you how to create classic Thai dishes.

In response to the recent conflict in Ukraine, Joey's Food Fight channel also published a series of videos focused on Ukrainian cuisine and culture. These videos started in Chicago with the organization's founder helping cook meals for newly arrived Ukrainian refugees. Joey's Food Fight then continued on to Lviv with a mission of helping and connecting with Ukrainians in need through food.

The ultimate goal of Joey's Food Fight is to empower children living in orphanages around the world through food and culinary education. As part of its unique approach, founder Joey Morelli will visit orphanages to build kitchens and teach residents how to source and cook their own food.

If you're interested in supporting and following the journey of Joey's Food Fight, all while learning about global cuisines, you can subscribe to the organization's YouTube channel here:

The Power of Cooking

Based in Chicago, Joey's Food Fight's mission is "to empower and educate children in orphanages worldwide through the power of cooking". The organization's founder, Joey Morelli, has an extensive professional background in restaurant management and culinary arts and is a board member for StandUp for Kids Chicago. Joey's Food Fight has partnered with various non-profits, including Hope for the Silent Voices, to increase its impact and ability to benefit children in need.

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