Guided Bath Meditation With Alison David Helps Relieve Tension During Full Moon

Jul 23, 2021

Alison David has the vocal relaxation and meditation techniques you need to heal! Go to Eventbrite today to buy tickets for your first Mmmm Bath!

Have you heard the stunning healing vocalizations of Alison David?

She has announced two new Mmmm Bath guided meditation events taking place virtually on the 23rd of July and the 8th of August, 2021. During the events, Alison will lead you through a series of relaxing and intention-filled songs, affirmations, and water-healing techniques – while you take a bath!

For more information, visit:

These events will help you release tension in a supportive environment. The guided bath ritual will also nurture your healing and self-love.

Alison David is a successful musician and vocalist who has released multiple records both as part of a band and as a solo artist. While touring, Alison found that exercising her voice while visiting a spa or taking a bath doubled as a healing, meditative practice. Since then, she has developed these exercises into a unique ritual where she guides clients through various vocal tools to relieve stress, re-center, and clear away brain fog.

Alison’s new series of online Mmmm Bath events will enable you to easily take part from the privacy of your own home, without having to worry about nudity. You’ll enjoy the entire guided mediation off-camera, allowing for a more personal experience.

Throughout the guided meditation, Alison David will serenade you in song and other soothing vocalizations. She will also invite you to join her, releasing tension through your own voice.

According to Alison, Mmmm Bath is ideal for you if you are experiencing changes, such as a new job, entering a new year, or ending a relationship. The ritual is also an ideal time to let go of your nagging problems or issues. Both events are timed to coincide with the full moon and new moon, respectively, representing new beginnings and fruition of efforts.

The events also provide you with a unique opportunity to expand your self-care routine by learning new relaxation techniques to apply by yourself. You can find tickets and further event information on Eventbrite.

These virtual Mmmm Bath events are part of Alison David’s commitment to providing you with the self-care techniques you need to release tension and nurture personal growth.

One satisfied client said: “Alison’s bath ritual is great. I feel like I’ve had a complete spa treatment, something I’ve missed since the pandemic. I got a personal song and a ritual and used my bath time to nurture and nourish myself and my soul.”

Go to if you want to sign up for the events!

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