Tyler, TX School Safety Protocols Enhanced Through Certified Chaplain Positions!

May 1, 2024

If your Texas school could use some additional support and better safety protocols, consider hiring a certified NSCA chaplain! Call +1 405 831 3299 for details.

School safety questions and the mental health of your student body keeping you up at night? A trained NSCA chaplain can help ease the burden for you and your teaching staff.

Learn more at https://www.nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org

School chaplaincy positions offer comprehensive training with three safety certifications, including Threat Assessment, Active Shooter, and Stop The Bleed, allowing chaplains to support your school administration, teachers, and students.

Spot Potential Problems

A recent report from Education Week showed that there were 38 school shootings in 2023 that resulted in deaths or injuries, indicating the extent to which student bodies continue to be at high risk. With a school chaplain on staff, your school can get support from a trained individual who is able to help spot potential problems and de-escalate situations before they spiral out of control.

“Data shows most mass shootings are planned, meaning there was time for an intervention,” says an NSCA spokesperson. “The number one reason to hire a school chaplain is school safety, as they often provide a first line of defense.”

Support Student Well-Being

The organization notes that in many instances, troubled students choose not to use school counseling or therapy services because there is a lingering stigma or fear that such consultations will be formally recorded on their transcript, with implications for the future. In contrast, chaplains offer a non-threatening ear and can often get students to open up in a safe environment.

In addition to helping alleviate safety concerns, school chaplains can also assist with teacher retention rates at a time when resignations are at an all-time high. While offering support for the student body, chaplains are also available 24/7 for staff and teachers.

Offer Stress Relief

Chaplains are not therapists, stresses an NSCA representative, and should not be viewed as such. Rather, they exist at the intersection of mental health and spirituality, offering an auxiliary outlet for stress relief and a non-judgmental counseling space.

Certified NSCA chaplains operate under strict ethical systems and are bound by confidentiality regulations. They are non-denominational and do not preach, proselytize, or promote any specific spiritual system. Chaplains offer a holistic approach to healthcare, one in which the existence of spiritual and religious beliefs are accepted as an enduring part of modern life.

Find out more about what a chaplain can do for your school - get in touch with the NSCA today!

Find further details at https://www.nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org

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