Grand Rapids Families Turn Their Back Gardens Into Monarch Butterfly Paradises

Aug 13, 2022

Grand Rapids, Michigan families have a unique opportunity to turn their back gardens into butterfly paradises with US biologist Jeanne Megel’s new book ‘Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home’.

Grand Rapids Families Turn Their Back Gardens Into Monarch Butterfly Paradises

With Jeanne Megel’s new book, you can teach your kids a wonderful lesson they’ll never forget by raising stunning monarch butterflies in your back garden this summer.

Her book has been written to help everyday home gardeners in Michigan like yourself work collectively towards the conservation of the monarch butterfly, a beautiful but endangered species. Megel hopes that her efforts will continue the ongoing educational awareness work of the Frederik Meijer Sculpture Park and Gardens. Throughout the months of March and April every year, the Grand Rapids gardens’ tropical conservatory becomes home to over 7,000 butterflies.

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As the Frederik Meijer park is especially beloved by children in the community, Jeanne Megel hopes that her new book can also become a way for you and your children to bond as you work to protect one of humanity’s favorite creatures. As such, she has timed the release of her book for the summer vacation period. With your children already spending long days in the backyard, she believes that now is the perfect time to embark upon a holiday science and conservation project.

Moreover, while you may think of butterflies as being particularly ephemeral creatures, those monarchs which are born in the late summer are actually born to migrate, so they often live for as long as nine months.

In ‘Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home’, biologist Jeanne Megel teaches readers of all ages how they can raise monarch butterflies in their very own back garden by following her clear and simple steps.

The book covers all parts of the butterfly’s life cycle and teaches you firstly how to collect the butterfly’s eggs, then how to feed them as the eggs become caterpillars. From there, she shows you how to monitor the butterfly chrysalises, including how to identify signs of illness, disease and parasites, and how to offer first aid if needed.

Finally, you and your kids will learn how to release your adult monarchs safely back into nature so that they can begin their migratory paths across America and do their vital work as one of the world’s most important pollinating creatures.

Jeanne Megel believes that raising healthy monarch butterflies is a perfect way for Grand Rapids families like yours to make a small but beneficial contribution to their environment and community this summer.

Megel is a notable biologist, master gardener and conservationist. In her decade-long work with the monarch butterfly, she has successfully and single-handedly raised thousands of healthy butterflies.

A spokesperson for the author said, “This book is a solid step-by-step guide to how to raise these fluttering beauties. Raising monarch butterflies at home will be a truly rewarding adventure and learning experience for both you and your family.”

To share in a truly special adventure with your kids this summer, pick up your copy of ‘Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home’ today.

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