Get This Wildlife Conservation Guide & Raise Butterflies In Winston Salem

Apr 3, 2023

“Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home,” Jeanne Megel’s new book, contains all the information you need to successfully raise Monarch butterflies at home.

Get This Wildlife Conservation Guide & Raise Butterflies In Winston Salem

If you have spent much time outside and around flowering plants, chances are you have had the privilege to observe one of North America's most instantly recognizable insect species: the Monarch butterfly. However, despite its iconic appearance, this once-abundant insect is now under threat, and has recently been added to the endangered species list.

As someone passionate about wildlife, it can be difficult to know exactly how to make a difference, but now, you can find out exactly what you can do to help. Jeanne Megel's new book contains an end-to-end guide on how you can breed your very own Monarch population at home.

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Jeanne Megel is an experienced conservationist who wants to help others preserve the Monarch butterfly population as she has been doing herself for years.

Raising Monarchs requires special knowledge of the species’ habits, diet, and habitat to be successful, which is why Megel has compiled her experiences here. Over the course of 8 years, she has developed guidelines on how to raise these butterflies in a standardized way.

The book contains information on everything from how to collect wild Monarch eggs, to food and equipment selection. “Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home" includes information on how to perform first aid on young butterflies, how to monitor pupae, and especially how to properly release adult butterflies to ensure they are able to thrive.

Megel's efforts to preserve the species work in tandem with other organizations such as the Cole Family Monarch Butterfly House at the Greensboro Science Center. This center, and others like it, have hosted people like Jeanne as part of a broader effort to educate the public on Monarch conservation.

Jeanne’s live talks feature the same information as in the book but presented in a lecture format. With the release of her book, this knowledge is now accessible not only to those lucky enough to attend one of her classes but to anyone in the US as well.

About Jeanne Megel

Jeanne is a lifelong educator and a passionate conservationist, whose previous work saw her researching, interacting with, and informing the public about the lives and habits of sharks. Upon learning of the rapid decline of the Monarch butterfly, she relocated to North Carolina to better understand these creatures.

Don't sit by and watch these beautiful creatures become a thing of the past: do your part, and get your copy of "Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home" today!

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