Gold Coast Family Car Rentals Executive Calls for Greater Consumer Transparency

Oct 12, 2018

Gold Coast Family Car Rentals is known locally for offering the lowest cost on car rental and insurance while providing a service that offers consumers more than they’d expect.

Car Rental Executive Calls for Greater Consumer Transparency

Gold Coast, September 2018: The business world is changing, and the consumers it serves are changing too. A high standard of ethics, transparency, and fairness may be intangibles, but they’re among the things that could give you a competitive edge.

The concept of transparency is under discussion in many international business publications, and closer to home, we have entrepreneurs like Darryl Essington-Wilson who believes that fairness in business is part of the reason for his business’s success.

His business, Gold Coast Family Car Rentals, puts transparency and fairness first. “There are a lot of ways to create a wrong impression with terminology,” he says, “businesses are not actually lying, but the technicalities mean the consumer isn’t getting what he or she thought they’d get. It’s in the fine print, but nobody reads it.

Essington-Wilson has been in the business world for a long time, and doesn’t want to see the bad guy win. Ever. In his personal experience, helping customers understand the finer details of complex transactions like car hire contracts or insurance policies is part of being the good guy. His customers know what they’re going to get, and they don’t get anything less. He Says.

Getting it Right Takes Conscious Effort

Essington-Wilson believes that there is still a long way to go before it can be said that consumer transparency is entrenched in the business world. “Gold Coast Family Car Rentals was evaluated by CarHire Guide, an independent rating agency,” he says. “They look at Consumer Friendliness, so that includes everything from price and service to transparency and was rated as the most consumer-friendly car hire company in Australia.”

It’s because the team made a conscious effort to be transparent about everything. For example, a customer might hire a car from another company only to find that the child-safety seat they need is classed as an extra. Or a customer might take out zero excess insurance on the hired car only to find that there are unexpected exclusions. So-called zero-excess plans that don’t cover hail damage or damage to other people’s property are everywhere in the industry so the customers has to be careful. If a customer hires a car under those terms and has an accident, they’re in for a nasty shock, explained Essington-Wilson.

It appears Essington-Wilson’s winning formula is working. “Winning a coveted consumer award did not happen randomly. The team put a lot of time and conscious effort into making sure customers get absolute fairness, the best prices, and clear, correct information. This challenges other businesses to do the same thing. When they do they will find it as rewarding as we have.”

Modern Consumers Less Likely to Accept Opacity

Modern consumers are getting better at critical thinking, and they want to be proud of the companies they do business with. “The baby boomer generation was more inclined to be fatalistic and accept what was meted out to them,” says Essington-Wilson, “But today, consumers expect more from businesses. They don’t want to discover the fine print is a sleeper in the contract. They don’t want to find that a marketing slogan’s promise and the way you work are two different things.”

“Businesses need to put themselves in the customers shoes and treat consumers as they would wish to be treated. Once that is achieved, all the bases will be covered: quality, service, price, and transparency. The easiest way to do this is to mentally stand on the customer’s side of the sales counter. It’s a recipe for success and Gold Coast Family Car Rentals has been proving it for over 17 years.”

About Gold Coast Family Car Rentals

Gold Coast Family Car Rentals is known locally for offering the lowest cost on car rental and insurance while providing a service that offers consumers more than they’d expect. For more information call + 61 7 5508 3333 or visit Darryl’s website Cheap Car Hire Gold Coast and Gold Coast Airport Car Rental to get an online quote or book online.

Written & Syndicated by Baxton Media.

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