Get Your Beauty & Wellness Products To Purchase-Intent Customers: DTC Marketing

Jul 18, 2023

Test Dryve helps you reach purchase intent-customers with Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) marketing that will boost your brand’s reputation and name recall. Check them out today!

Have you ever bought an expensive cream or lipstick, but once you tried it at home, you realized how much of a waste it is because you didn't like it? Your customers will never know that pain because they have the luxury of trying out your products first. Test Dryve will show you how!

The marketing company helps beauty & wellness brands enhance their brand visibility, name recall, and customer trust through product sampling and targeted advertising. The strategy allows brand owners to promote sample packs of their products directly to consumers via strategic ad placements across various digital platforms.

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This approach benefits sectors like skincare and makeup by allowing customers to do a patch test to check for allergies and irritation or swatch lipstick colors and foundation shades to find the perfect match. Test Dryve's unique approach calls for trial packs under $10 with free shipping.

Another aspect of the marketing firm’s strategy lies in its widespread reach, achieved by collaborating with reputable publishers like NBA2K and parenting blogs like "On My Kid's Plate." The diversity of Test Dryve’s publisher partners maximizes the marketing budget by guaranteeing a wide audience reach. The firm’s DTC marketing campaigns have a successful track record, having partnered with over 100 organizations, including TRU Energy, Magic Mind, eBoost, Huron, Strips, and Wicked Cuts.

Test Dryve integrates with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Shopify+, and they utilize secure deep links and eliminate the need for admin access or login details. The company ensures order tracking is carried out directly on the selected e-commerce platform, providing a smooth, secure experience for all parties involved.

About the Company

Test Dryve is based in New York City and was founded by Matt Matros and Krik Angacian, both renowned figures in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. With successful past ventures, including LIMITLESS and Protes, their combined experience and vision have fueled the development of Test Dryve’s innovative marketing strategies.

Aside from introducing your customers to your brand, you have full control over your brand image, messaging, and customer experience since you sell to them directly. You can ensure that your values and vision are properly communicated to the consumer without the interference of middlemen.

Speaking of middlemen, Test Dryve's DTC campaigns let you sell new products quickly, as there's no need to negotiate with third parties. Furthermore, cutting out intermediaries reduces costs associated with wholesaling, warehousing, and dealing with retailers. These savings can be passed onto consumers or reinvested into the business.

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