Nursing Support For Autistic Children In PG County | Self-Directed Care Programs

May 10, 2024

Community Health and Education Services (240-755-5591) now offers premium support services for self-directed nursing care for children and adults with autism.

As a parent of an autistic child in Maryland, finding the right healthcare support can be a challenge. That's why Community Health and Education Services is offering tailored nursing support, helping you provide personalized, consistent, and predictable care within the self-directed model. From assessments to caregiver training, they simplify the process so you can do the best for your loved ones.

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Get paid to care for your family

According to Maryland's Department Of Health, families of autistic children who participate in the self-directed model can access the support they need via consultations or case management. This enables them to address specific challenges related to autism, such as sensory sensitivities, communication barriers, and behavioral strategies.

The self-directed model offers flexibility in choosing the types of services and providers. You can now select nurses or caregivers who are specifically trained in autism care and who are the best fit for your child’s personality and needs.

Options for every situation

CHES offers you two options. The first, nursing consultation, consists of a comprehensive patient assessment, performing a review using the High-Risk Screening Tool (HRST), developing healthcare routines, finding community resources, and connecting you with doctors. This option also includes up to four patient visits per year.

The second option is nursing case management and delegation, which involves a nursing assessment, HRST reviews, developing a care plan, and training staff to execute it. It also includes in-person visits from an RN every 45 days and on-call assistance during business hours or anytime caregivers are working.

You can pick a care option based on your child's HRST level. Nursing consultations are appropriate for HRST levels below three, while HRST levels above three may require nursing case management and delegation.

About Community Health and Education Services

Community Health and Education Services provides nursing and personal care services to clients in Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and the DMV. All of their staff meet the State of Maryland's educational and training requirements.

If you need dedicated nursing care and support for children or adults with autism, get in touch to find out more about the program!

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