Get Unique Santa Mug With Cookie Holder From South Bound Brook NJ Online Shop

Jan 25, 2021

WG Wholesale Inc. online seller from New Jersey launched Santa milk mug with cookie dispenser. The business specializes in selling a wide array of Christmas themed novelty items and gift giving products.

Give the best gifts this holiday season–visit WG Wholesale Inc.’s website and buy your kids and loved ones a unique Santa milk mug with a cookie slot this Christmas and see how happy it makes them!

WG Wholesale Inc., an online holiday products and gifts company based in South Bound Brook, New Jersey announced the launch of a ceramic Santa milk bottle with a cookie pocket. The business specializes in selling a wide array of Christmas themed novelty items and gift-giving products.

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The newly launched product aims to provide you with a charming gift to give your loved ones for the holidays that bolsters Christmas traditions. Wanting to make holiday traditions even more appealing, WG Wholesale Inc. released a new vintage ceramic Santa milk bottle with a cookie pocket.

The Christmas season may be one of the most important holidays you celebrate in the year. With the holiday comes family traditions such as leaving milk and cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. The company’s new product promises to reinforce your traditions, especially those of childhood memories and memories of Saint Nick.

The milk bottle is made of durable ceramic designed with a convenient cookie pocket at the bottom. This quirky holiday novelty item eliminates your having to prepare a glass of milk and a separate plate of cookies for Santa Claus on the night before Christmas. With the adorable new milk bottle, it delivers two of his favorite things in one handy container.

The vintage-themed milk bottle is 8×3 inches in diameter and holds about 14 fluid ounces of milk while the nifty cookie slot at the bottom of the container can fit about 3 Chips Ahoy sized cookies—perfect for a quick snack before a whole night of holiday deliveries ensues. The bottle also comes with a small card where your children can scribble holiday greetings for Santa.

WG Wholesale’s new product acquired a number of great reviews on According to one satisfied customer, “Super cute item. Can’t wait to incorporate this in a new tradition with my kids.”

WG Wholesale Inc. is the best supplier of holiday gift items–call them today at +1-908-279-7503 or through their website and purchase their new vintage ceramic milk bottle with cookie pocket.

You can also find out more by clicking on the link found at the beginning of this article.

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