Get Unique Baby Shower Greeting Cards With This Fort Worth Gift Wrapping Service

Nov 30, 2021

Are you tired of boring and unimaginative greeting cards? Give your loved one a unique and stylish card that shows you really care, from the carefully selected range at Fort Worth, Texas-based Properly Wrapped (817-377-3558).

Every special occasion is now covered, including birthdays, weddings, baby showers, engagements, and more. You don’t need to waste hours trying to find a card that really means something, because the team has sifted through thousands of designs to provide you with the very best.

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Yes, the age of the internet has made saying “I love you” feel more like a convenient quicky. Fun, but not always satisfying. Properly Wrapped wants you to rediscover the joy of sending greeting cards, and you’re sure to find the perfect design in their unique range.

The custom of giving or sending greeting cards dates back to the fifteenth century, and was recorded throughout Europe, China, and Egypt. While the industry is still significant, many lament that the personal nature of a handwritten card has been replaced by emails or text messages.

Handpicked by a professional designer, the updated range from Properly Wrapped centers around tastefulness, style, and beauty. The aim of the company is to avoid the mass-produced feeling of many greeting cards, and instead focus on products that are most appropriate for your particular occasion.

The categories of cards now include birthdays, weddings, love, pop-up, friendship, and anniversary. In each selection, the company has chosen a variety of themes such as humorous, cute, and vintage, with uniqueness being the primary focus.

The store also provides an in-house gift-wrapping service, and the range of cards has been specifically chosen to complement the range of wrapping styles on offer. Also available for you to buy online, wrapping designs include rose crush, foil gold crush, lemon motif, baby party animals, glitter feathers, and much more.

About Properly Wrapped

Founded by professional designer Melanie Jones, Properly Wrapped aims to provide a specialized gift, wrapping, and greeting card service that focuses on quality and style. All products are carefully curated, and in-house gift wrapping is tailored to your own needs.

A satisfied client stated: "Melanie went above and beyond for my sister’s birthday. Not only did Melanie help me pick out the cutest gifts, but the wrapping was coordinated with her favorite colors. My little sister felt so special and it was all due to Melanie’s extra care."

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