Get This SOP Automation Platform For Business Systemization & Dynamic Workflow

Sep 27, 2023

Are you looking for a way to simplify your standardized operating procedures? Flowster’s SOP template automation platform uses conditional logic to streamline task delegation and increase productivity!

Minimize task overwhelm and create clarity in your SOPs! Join Flowster to increase your standardize your business tasks and push operational efficiency! 

You can use the SOP management platform's template library to generate step-by-step guides for your staff, helping them complete repetitive business tasks and follow operating procedures. The built-in activity dashboard offers you greater oversight of activities and maximizes your operational efficiency.

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Utilizing automation technology, Flowster can reduce the time it takes to produce templates from hours to minutes.

You may already be using SOPs to moderate staff training, product manufacturing, employee appraisal, and environmental compliance practices. Flowster can help you achieve growth by putting specialized SOPs in place to reduce the chance of error and maintain service consistency across your organization.

The all-in-one platform connects you with on-demand technical writers and SOP systemization features. Its interactive software eliminates the need for you to hire internal specialists and can scale your operations by acting as an extension of your existing team. As such, the platform is ideal for small business owners who want to streamline their standard processes so that they can focus on other areas of their operations without taking on additional staff.

By streamlining SOPs through Flowster, the chance of administrative error and non-compliance can be minimized, increasing your chances of gaining a competitive advantage within your industry!

The 3 step task systematization process begins when you submit your request and raw content to Flowster. The global team of technical writers will convert this into a detailed workflow template optimized to maintain compliance and ensure clarity for your staff members. The final template is then returned to you for your review, revisions, and approval.

You can also customize your templates with an unlimited number of steps and by populating them with text, images, files, and checkboxes. Moreover, certain tasks, such as annual business plan reviews, weekly staff meetings, and daily routines, can be set to recur automatically on a pre-determined schedule.

You can assign your staff workflow tasks, set deadlines, and monitor their progress from the app. The workflow and process management application can be used by your internal teams to check their tasks through a dashboard that connects to other apps, including calendar and data collection tools.

Flowster will help you create dynamic workflow templates that systematize your repetitive business processes and free up your time - sign up for the SOP automation platform today!

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