This Acclaimed Medicare FMO Offers Marketing, Back-Office Support To Agents

May 9, 2024

Build your personal brand and business in the Medicare space with Trusted American Insurance Agency’s comprehensive back-office support package for agents. Get in touch today at 844-998-7878.

You know there's a big market out there for senior Medicare, but perhaps you've been struggling to translate that into top-tier contracts and decent leads, and you're having difficulty closing deals.

Help is at hand for health insurance agents in the form of Trusted American Insurance Agency (TAIA) – a renowned field marketing organization (FMO) specializing in Medicare sales for the senior population. Up your sales game with back-office support services and training from an agency that understands what it takes to be successful. More details at

Whether you're a beginner who's just passed state certification and is now looking to build an independent brokerage or a more experienced agent who needs new contacts and inspiration to improve their numbers, TAIA can help!

A Growing Market

The senior Medicare market is growing. In 2022, there were 58 million Americans aged 65 and over, with this figure projected to increase to 82 million by 2050. With a further 4.8 million people poised to hit retirement age in 2024, the demand for affordable health coverage and insurance agents who can broker these services looks set to grow. It's time to capitalize on this trend, right?

TAIA has been working in the senior Medicare field for over 15 years and understands the challenges and pressures that agents face when trying to build a successful business.

Admin Work-Free Selling

The experienced support team can relieve you of the burden of admin work. TAIA's team can handle all the back-office work for you like paperwork and claims, so you can earn more by focusing on sales.

Free CRM Provided

With the A3 Agent Portal, you get an advanced CRM system, specifically designed to make your operations more efficient. You can upload and track applications via the platform as well as access an instant quoting tool.

Library Of Marketing Tools

Marketing resources in the form of social media ad templates, cross-selling letters, and seminar flyers make it easier for you to reach new clients while a library of sales scripts can help you if you've been struggling to close deals.

Access Best-In-Class Training

Education forms a crucial part of TAIA's agent services. With so many products and providers on the market and an increasing number of supplemental policies, specific carrier training helps you stay abreast of new and niche offerings. As a TAIA partner, you can access regular workshops and seminars from leading providers nationwide.

FMO Support For New & Established Agents

TAIA's broker services are available to anyone who has passed their state certification exam. Onboarding is simple and swift, and you'll be able to immediately access Medicare training and the agent portal for free. New agents get a free website too!

Plug into a suite of sales resources that will take your Medicare brokerage to the next level. Partner with TAIA today!

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