Medicare FMO Business Strategy Coaching For Recently Qualified Insurance Agents

May 2, 2024

Making a living as an independent health insurance agent isn’t easy but the rewards can be huge. Make the most of products that are always in demand with Trusted American Insurance Agency’s business coaching seminars and carrier training for senior Medicare!

Recently qualified as a health insurance agent? Want to grow a healthy business and plug into the expertise of an agency that's been in the game for over 15 years?

Trusted American Insurance Agency (TAIA) offers you a potent blend of one-to-one mentoring, carrier training, and a suite of CRM tools. Stay compliant while growing your client base! More details at

A Ready-Made Market

The agency provides the resources to help you capitalize on the growing demand for Medicare while also offering you a wealth of cross-selling opportunities for life insurance, annuities, and investment products.

With over 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, there is no shortage of prospects for Medicare agents. Despite this, the market is competitive and without the appropriate training, it can prove difficult to build a profitable business. While you may have a flair for sales, building a successful business and marketing yourself requires a different skill set. This is where TAIA steps in for its network of partners.

Medicare Marketing Materials

Marketing resources are provided via TAIA's agent portal where you can find a range of templates for email campaigns, social media ads, and cross-selling letters. The agency keeps up to date with health insurance regulations to ensure that all materials are compliant.


To partner with TAIA, you must have completed your state licensing certifications. Carrier training will typically include AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans) certifications but, if you still require it, the agency can ensure you pay a reduced registration fee.

Business Plans

You can download business plan templates to help you formulate both short and long-term goals as well as avail yourself of the agency's free website-building services. The agent portal also provides access to an instant quoting tool and an online Medicare application submission feature.

Enjoy the support of one of America's best FMOs. The team will take care of case management and provide you with a steady stream of top-level contracts with high commission rates.

A spokesperson says, “We understand what it feels like to struggle to make Medicare sales because we started that way, too. That’s why we partner with you, giving you the resources you need to be successful.”

Become a better broker with Trusted American Insurance Agency!

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