Galveston County Energy-Efficient TPO Roofing Helps You Save On Air Conditioning

Mar 21, 2024

Worried about spending too much on energy this summer? Galveston County Roofing (409-419-6108) can help! Their thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) flat roofing installation will help your building reflect sunlight and take a load off your air conditioning system.

With summer temperatures over 90 degrees F in Galveston, your air conditioner might need some help to keep everyone cool. Galveston County Roofing offers an advanced, energy-efficient roofing material called thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) for flat roofs that can supplement the cooling effects of your air conditioner by reflecting sunlight from the surface of your establishment. It can also help you save on your summer energy bill

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The Benefits of TPO Roofing

With a TPO roof, you get all the benefits of polypropylene, the chemical compound on which TPO is based, which is known in various manufacturing sectors for its elasticity and durability. Additionally, TPO’s single-layer reinforcing scrim will reflect sunlight, reducing your energy costs in summer, and it will also enhance your roof's longevity and protective qualities.

TPO material also has higher puncture resistance than other roofing materials, so your installation will likely last longer and require fewer repairs. The material is slippery as well, allowing it to protect your roof against moisture from rain or snow, and it can resist weather, toxic ozone rays, and rust

Get an Evaluation Before You Install

What's more, Galveston County Roofing will give your property a complete evaluation before starting work on the installation. They will determine which type of TPO material works best for your roof type, size, and condition and the amount of insulation that will be required. 

You can also request TPO roof repairs. Galveston County Roofing will correct any punctures or tears in the coating and will weld loose components. They will also address both immediate issues and the roots of a problem, so you won't have to worry about it happening again.

About Galveston County Roofing

Based in Conroe, Texas, Galveston County Roofing is a team of certified industry veterans with years of experience handling roofing issues of all kinds, including roof replacements, maintenance and repairs for both shingle and metal roofs, and even roofing insurance inspections. You can get a free instant quote by filling out a simple form on the company’s website.

Here's what happy customer Courtney P. had to say about their services:

“We were experiencing problems with our roof and were looking into repairs when we finally found Galveston County Roofing. They came over to inspect our roof and not only offered options for repairs but showed us how a replacement would save us hundreds in the long run. Our roof looks and works great, and we are very happy we worked with them!”

Find out why TPO roofing is becoming an increasingly popular option for many businesses with Galveston County Roofing's flat roofing TPO services!

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