Texas Gulf Coast French Drain Installation: Contractor Prevents Property Damage

Mar 21, 2024

Is water logging ruining your landscaping or damaging your home? Choose a french drain system, League City Drainage & Irrigation’s (409-572-0824) simple water flow solutions for homeowners on the Texas Gulf Coast!

Standing water pooling on your property can cause structural issues, not to mention mold and infestation. If you want to prevent costly damage, contact League City Drainage & Irrigation - they will install a French drain system that diverts water away from your home.

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The French drain systems the contractor installs allow the excess water on your property to be drained away effectively, preventing dampness, structural damage, ground erosion, and waterlogging.

What are the effects of waterlogging and pooling?

You should contact the drainage experts if you have noticed water collecting around your property. Excess water can result in various issues: for instance, it can damage the foundations of your home, weakening its stability and causing cracks and discoloration in walls.

An excess of moisture can also cause your yard soil to become waterlogged, killing plants and shrubbery and eroding your landscaping. To manage and divert excess water, League City Drainage & Irrigation can install a French drain that protects your home and its foundations.

What are French drains and how do they work?

French drains have been used since the mid-nineteenth century to divert water away from buildings and their foundations. Installing a French drain involves digging a trench a few feet away from the building’s edge, lining this trench with a membrane, and filling it with aggregate to prevent sediment accumulation. Placed at the center of this aggregate-filled drain, a perforated pipe will reroute water away from your home and into a drainage area, the contractor explains.

League City Drainage & Irrigation's Superior Service

Before installation, League City Drainage & Irrigation will make a plan for the French drain system to make sure it will perform as it should and will not interfere with your underground structures, electrical, or irrigation systems. The contractor will place the entry point to the French drain at the lowest point of the problematic area so that excess water automatically flows into it. Additionally, with its landscaping services, the team will ensure discreet coverage of drains and pipes, enhancing your yard's overall appearance.

“Our yard drainage services are designed to troubleshoot and find solutions that are specific to the issues you have”, a spokesperson for the company explained. “We will get to the bottom of any problem, whether it's seasonal drought, erosion, or flooding, and find a solution that is appropriate to the landscape of your property and your needs.”

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