Expedite Commercial Vehicle TCP Registration In CA With This Application Service

May 9, 2024

Make sure your commercial vehicles are registered by working with BusinessRocket (310-424-5558). Hit the road swiftly and safely with fast TCP approvals and round-the-clock customer support.

Need some help navigating TCP approvals for your commercial fleet? Need to get on the road quickly so you can start earning?

BusinessRocket – a US-based consultancy with expertise in registration support for startups – makes TCP application easy for businesses across California. More details at https://www.businessrocket.com/get/california-tcp-license-registration/

Choose a swift and simple way to attain approval for your transportation charter permit. BusinessRocket helps you navigate each stage of the application process, promoting state compliance and getting you moving as soon as possible.

Comprehensive Services

For a TCP license to be granted, applicants must first meet the requirements set by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), which requires business registration, commercial insurance policy, and relevant drug testing for drivers.

BusinessRocket can walk you through each stage and speed up the process by working directly with authorities.

Entity Formation

With its expertise in business registration, the BusinessRocket team can advise you on which type of business entity makes the most sense for your purposes, from LLCs and DBAs to corporations and partnerships. With this in place, you can proceed with your TCP application.

Pull Notice

The next phase requires enrollment in the DMV Employer Pull Notice Program, which allows you to access and check employee driving records. This helps you keep drivers under your employ accountable.

Commercial Registration

BusinessRocket can handle the commercial registration for all vehicles being used by your business. It offers you guidance on vendor requirements, insurance costs, and vehicle inspection standards. You can reach out to the company before purchasing any commercial vehicle for advice on the above.

Discounted Insurance

Thanks to a network of preferred vendors, BusinessRocket helps you source concessionary premiums for commercial vehicle insurance. You should have a public liability and property damage policy in place for all vehicles.

Drug Testing

The company can also recommend affordable drug and alcohol testing facilities. Federal guidelines require any drivers operating under a TCP license to submit to pre-employment screening and regular checks.

How Much Does It Cost?

BusinessRocket charges a service fee of $695 for its complete package of TCP application support. It can assist you in all types of commercial licenses, including A, B, and P.

You are also liable for any application fees, which range from $1,000 to $1,500. But this sum is paid directly to the CPUC and the exact amount will depend on the type of license you’re applying for.

Want to know more about the process? Visit https://www.businessrocket.com/get/california-tcp-license-registration/.

Hit the highway with fast TCP approvals courtesy of BusinessRocket!

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