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Mar 12, 2021

Looking for the best estate planning services in Holborn, London? Contact ADL Estate Planning Ltd today for the legal experts who will manage your assets and inheritance!

If you want to ensure your personal assets are distributed to those you love, working with an estate planning attorney is crucial!

ADL Estate Planning Ltd, a professional estate planning attorney in Holborn, London, announced the launch of an updated range of services that address the specific estate, probate and planning needs of their clients. The company can draft wills, trusts, living wills, powers of attorney, and other planning documents.

The new services at ADL Estate Planning Ltd aim to help you ensure total clarity for the future of your estate and make your wishes known.

Although most people understand the importance of having a will and estate plan, approximately 60% of the UK population never create a will. This can create financial hardship for your family and make impossible the preservation and disposition of your wealth according to your wishes.

In addition, those who think about writing a will themselves are at risk of making mistakes that can lead to lengthy and expensive court battles. It is thus very important to receive professional advice and support from an estate planning attorney.

The team at ADL Estate Planning Ltd can help you determine your estate planning objectives. They will discuss and plan with you the transfer of wealth and property after death.

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The legal experts can also create, coordinate and refine estate plan structures. They work closely with clients to design an efficient and effective estate plan that helps them accomplish all of their goals.

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By working with ADL Estate Planning Ltd and having a professionally written will, clients will be able to name their executor and specify who should receive their estate. Without an official will, the state will distribute their estate under state law and not according to their wishes.

A spokesperson for the company said: “At ADL Estate Planning, we consider your financial situation closely and develop a tailored strategy that optimises how you own your assets today, consider the way you grow your assets and how best to pass on your assets to your intended beneficiaries.”

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