Get The Best Warm Blanket Comforter For Wheelchairs, Couches & Traveling

Jan 29, 2021

Are you looking for the best throw blanket and comforter for remote work, travel, or senior comfort? This is the ideal solution!

When you need to stay warm and cozy at home or on the road, you need the best blanket. Check out The Warmer Upper today to find the best option for your needs!

A newly updated lap throw and small blanket has been launched, called The Warmer Upper. It’s designed with high quality materials with a focus on ensuring the best comfort levels, with a unique and smart design.

The newly updated Warmer Upper blanket can be used in home offices, for relaxing and lounging, and for anyone sitting and wanting to keep warm and comfortable.

It’s a hypoallergenic blanket with a pouch for added convenience, and can be used on couches, chairs, wheelchairs, beds, and more. The functional design includes a removable pouch, which can be used for keeping your electronics safely contained.

This clear-view pouch is touch sensitive, and made to make finding personal devices easier. Because of its touch-sensitive functionality, you are better able to charge and use your devices while on the lap.

The warm and cozy lap throw comforter has Polartec Thermal PRO technology, which provides warmth and superior comfort. This makes it suitable for customers of all ages, as it can wrap around to add warmth without adding bulk.

The Warmer Upper is a veteran-owned business that prides itself on putting customers first. They designed the product because they wanted to give back to those who selflessly serve and protect the country.

Because The Warmer Upper is easy to carry and use, it can be chosen as a travel choice for those who want to stay warm on the move.

Made in the USA, the blanket has a soft texture and ergonomic wing that wraps around and under the user for added warmth.

You will also find that the blanket is machine washable, while the pouch can be sponged and spot cleaned.

A spokesperson for the company states: “The Warmer Upper is our veteran-owned start-up dedicated to providing utmost warmth and comfort for you anytime, anywhere; at the office, at home, outside while you watch the kids play, out by the fire on a cold fall evening, or while watching TV. The only lap throw on the market with actual functionality!”

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