Get The Best Salt Lake City Family Law Services With Expert Divorce & Child Custody Lawyers

Jul 31, 2017

The Law Office of James P. McGarvey, a Salt Lake City law firm, updated its family law services to offer professional, unbiased legal representation in cases of divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, guardianship and others.

  • get the best salt lake city family law services with expert divorce amp child cu
  • get the best salt lake city family law services with expert divorce amp child cu

The Law Office of James P. McGarvey, a law office based in Salt Lake City, Utah, announced an updated range of services for clients looking for legal representation in divorce and child custody cases. James P. McGarvey focuses in father’s legal rights and complex divorce cases, helping clients benefit from complete legal representation of their interests.

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Divorce is extremely common in the United States, with roughly half of married couples being legally separated at some point. While the event can be challenging and traumatic in itself, the legal aspects of a divorce can have further negative implications over the financial, social and psychological wellbeing of both parties.

When children are involved matters become even more complicated, with custody being, in practice, relatively difficult to determine appropriately.

The Law Office of James P. McGarvey focuses in family and divorce law, helping clients in Salt Lake City benefit from professional legal representation in divorce, separation and child custody cases.

Attorneys James P. McGarvey and Daniel J. Briggs work closely with their clients, keeping them informed of all legal procedures and nuances, as well as of the most likely case developments. Both attorneys have extensive experience in family law, having helped clients in Salt Lake City and other areas in various court cases.

Divorce courts tend to be biased in favor of the mother, with studies reporting that nearly all attorneys have experienced instances where judges showed prejudice against the father. The Law Office of James P. McGarvey places increased importance on adequate legal representation for fathers, in an effort to limit any potential bias and ensure a correct legal decision.

As well as providing complete legal representation in family law cases, including adoption, guardianship, visitation, child support and others, the Salt Lake City law firm also provides criminal defense, estate planning and personal injury law services.

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