Get The Best Natural Support For Fertility With This Holistic Pregnancy Program

Jun 21, 2022

Give your body the best chance to conceive by releasing all that trapped energy. Find a new spiritual balance to revitalize your fertility with VELNNES’ personal transformation program!

Get The Best Natural Support For Fertility With This Holistic Pregnancy Program

Are you struggling to conceive? If multiple miscarriages have left you feeling hopeless, take a new approach to fertility with VELNNES' Empowered for Pregnancy Mastermind Program!

With global fertility rates falling over recent years, the company, which specializes in natural pregnancy solutions, is offering a new free video series and program to inspire and encourage those who have been unable to start a family of their own.

The program offers prospective mothers like you a spiritual view of the challenges of fertility, pregnancy, and miscarriages. The 'Empowered for Pregnancy Mastermind Program' draws on the connections between your mind and the reproductive system, highlighting the effects of unresolved physiological and emotional tension on conception.

Unblock all of that tension and empower your body with VELNNES. More details at

The video series details the role that depleted progesterone levels play in inconsistent ovulation. Stress, in both the body and the mind, releases adrenaline which uses up the same hormones needed to generate progesterone, creating a vicious cycle if you're anxious and stressed while trying to get pregnant.

While advances in medical technology have given millions of women renewed hope of having children, IVF treatments are not successful for everyone. Such procedures can be stressful experiences, exacerbating the physical and emotional tension that is so damaging to your reproductive system.

The Empowered For Pregnancy presentation advises against relying on hormone-boosting supplements to fix imbalances in your body. While nutrients such as magnesium can help stimulate estrogen production, they do not address the underlying causes of female fertility issues.

The third installment of the video series explores the role that the kidneys play in fertility. Program leader Vesna Pavlica outlines the concept of 'essence' - the foundation of energy and life force, or Qi, that flows through the body.

Vesna explains why, in traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys were seen as crucial to the human reproductive system. You'll learn about prenatal essence - the genetic material inherited from parents - and postnatal essence - derived from lifestyle choices and the food you consume. Healthy mothers and babies rely on a balance of these two forces for optimum health.

Other topics covered in the series include feminine archetypes, menstrual cycles, chakras, nutrition for pregnancy and motherhood, essential oils, and epigenetics.

About Vesna Pavlica

As a microbiology graduate and medical representative with many years of experience in the health and wellness sector, Vesna offers you expertise and a passion for holistic health solutions. She is based in Slovenia but sees many international clients over Zoom.

A spokesperson says, “The Empowered for Pregnancy Masterclass Program is a personal transformation journey. You will get the tools and resources to balance your health and fertility and release trauma from your reproductive system.”

Vesna Pavlica and VELNNES continue to give new hope to expectant mothers across the globe.

Give yourself a fighting chance of starting a family with the Empowered for Pregnancy Mastermind Program!

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