Holistic Pregnancy Support For Women Over 30: Join Free Natural Help Webinar

Aug 22, 2022

Fertility challenges can have devastating psychological consequences that, ironically, can make it even harder to conceive. With all this stress and anxiety, becoming a mother may seem impossible – but with Empowered For Pregnancy by Vesna Pavlica, it’s not.

Holistic Pregnancy Support For Women Over 30: Join Free Natural Help Webinar

Empowered For Pregnancy by Vesna Pavlica is now offering a free webinar where you'll learn the mental and spiritual factors affecting fertility and get practical information to help you conceive. You’ll discover how hormonal imbalance can impact your chances of having a baby, how to stay emotionally stable to boost fertility, and why it’s essential to overcome trauma to have a healthy, happy baby.

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Offering a natural, holistic approach for women struggling with infertility, the new webinar recognizes the complex relationship between infertility and psychology. Depression and anxiety have been shown to reduce chances of conception, and in turn, fertility challenges may be causing mental health issues for more than 60% of couples with difficulties conceiving. Exploring the mental factors behind infertility is a key goal of the Empowered For Pregnancy webinar.

The training is particularly relevant if you’re over 30 - a critical threshold after which your fertility naturally declines. That doesn’t make it impossible to conceive after that age - you can have babies even into your 40s - but being spiritually, emotionally, and physically ready can definitely increase your chances.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in Vesna’s webinar!

The insights come from Vesna’s own experience struggling to conceive and dealing with the significant emotional and physical toll of fertility challenges. The new educational resource promotes healthy spiritual practices that help you overcome past trauma and create an optimal environment for conceiving and raising healthy and happy children.

“I struggled to get pregnant, I have had a miscarriage, and I truly do understand just how difficult it can be,” said Vesna. “I want to share this very significant knowledge with like-minded women, who understand that we are so much more than just physical beings. That we are made of energy and that energy flows within our body. We have embodied souls, who came to discover all of the beauty (and the challenges) that life has to offer,” she added.

The webinar is a comprehensive first step if you’re interested in becoming pregnant by addressing crucial mental and physical factors. For anyone looking for personal fertility help, Vesna offers one-on-one fertility coaching sessions.

Vesna said: “In my work, I’m combining my personal experiences together with the knowledge gained through different trainings and constant research. This approach allows me to be able to assist my clients in accessing their own inner wisdom in faster and efficient ways.”

Start your journey towards becoming a mother the right way - sign up for the webinar today at https://empoweredforpregnancy.com/5reasons

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