Free Webinar: Natural Pregnancy Support for Women by Empowered for Pregnancy

Aug 17, 2022

Having fertility challenges can have devastating psychological effects that, ironically, make it harder to get pregnant. The thought of becoming a mother may seem impossible, but it’s not with help of “Empowered For Pregnancy” by Vesna Pavlica.

Free Webinar: Natural Pregnancy Support for Women by Empowered for Pregnancy

Empowered For Pregnancy by Vesna Pavlica is now offering a free webinar where you'll learn about mental and spiritual factors that affect fertility. Find out how hormone imbalance impacts fertility, how to stay emotionally stable to boost fertility, and why overcoming trauma is crucial to having a healthy baby.

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Women struggling with infertility will find a natural, holistic approach to infertility in this new webinar that recognizes the complex relationship between infertility and psychology. Fertility challenges may lead to mental health issues for more than 60% of couples who have trouble conceiving because of depression and anxiety. Therefore in the Empowered For Pregnancy webinar, we'll also look at the mental factors behind infertility.

Your fertility naturally declines after 30 - a critical threshold. It's still possible to conceive after that age - you can have babies into your 40s - but being spiritually, emotionally, and physically ready can definitely help.

That's exactly what Vesna's webinar will teach you!

She draws upon her own experience of struggling to conceive and dealing with the significant emotional and physical toll of fertility challenges.

This new educational resource promotes healthy spiritual practices that will assist you in overcoming past trauma and creating a healthy and happy environment for conceiving and raising children.

“Because I've experienced miscarriages and struggled to conceive, I know just how difficult it can be,” said Vesna. "I wish to share this very important knowledge with like-minded women who recognize that women are so much more than physical beings. Our bodies contain energy that flows throughout them. Our embodied souls are exploring all that life (and its challenges) has to offer,” she further explained.

By addressing crucial mental and physical factors, the webinar is a comprehensive first step to getting pregnant. You can also get one-on-one fertility coaching from Vesna if you need it.

Vesna says: "I combine my personal experiences with the knowledge I have gained through different training and continuous research in my work. As a result, I am able to assist my clients in accessing their inner wisdom more quickly and efficiently."

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