New Webinar by Empowered For Pregnancy | The 5 Reasons You Can’t Get Pregnant

Aug 29, 2022

Vesna Pavlica with Empowered For Pregnancy support website is a holistic pregnancy and fertility support consultant. She has created a webinar on the 5 most common causes of infertility. The webinar aims to raise awareness about the impacts of emotions and external stressors on fertility.

New Webinar by Empowered For Pregnancy | The 5 Reasons You Can't Get Pregnant

A recently released free webinar helps women identify factors that could negatively affect their fertility and recommend natural ways to promote it. Especially for women over 30, this information may be of interest because fertility declines with age.

For all interested women, more info can be found here:

This webinar gives women struggling with infertility a natural, holistic approach that recognizes the complicated relationship between infertility and psychology. Depression and anxiety reduce the chances of conception for more than 60% of couples who have trouble conceiving.

"Fear can be a major reason why your fertility is malfunctioning," explains Vesna Pavlica. "Fears about motherhood, how your life will change, how you will handle things, and fear of not doing everything right are just a few reasons why you’re not getting pregnant. It is even possible that you are blocking the process by being desperate to conceive and you are not even aware of it."

As part of the webinar, Vesna Pavlica explains how stress affects hormone levels and how organs affect fertility.

By addressing crucial mental and physical factors, the webinar is a comprehensive first step for women who want to get pregnant. It's important to listen to your body and know your menstrual cycle when it comes to managing stress and becoming a parent.

In the newly launched webinar, Vesna will share insights that she has gained from her own experience of struggling to conceive. She will also provide insight into coping with the emotional and physical toll of fertility challenges.

“I struggled to get pregnant, I have had a miscarriage, and I truly do understand just how difficult it can be,” said Vesna. “It is very important for me to share this knowledge with like-minded women who understand that we are so much more than our physical bodies. We are made of energy, and our bodies are filled with energy. We have embodied souls who have come to discover the beauty (and challenges) of life,” she added.

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