Get The Best Legal Advice For Car Accidents In Minnesota With McEwen & Kestner

Aug 31, 2021

Have you been injured in an auto accident in Bloomington, Minnesota? Call McEwen & Kestner at +1-612-324-1541 for all the help you need!

If you’ve just had an accident, you’re no doubt feeling stressed, anxious and desperate for help. Don’t make any hasty decisions – talk to a legal expert to ensure your case runs smoothly!

McEwen & Kestner can prove liability for injuries, handle any insurance that is involved, and negotiate a fair settlement where necessary. They’ve even written a new guide packed with actionable and time-sensitive advice, covering the steps you should take following the incident.

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Data shows that auto injuries commonly occur as a result of DUI, drivers using their phone at the wheel, speeding, or vehicles having a mechanical fault. Through its latest guide, McEwen & Kestner explains that its team can handle the legal complications involved, so you can focus on recovering.

While some car accidents leave you unscathed, others can result in serious injury or even death. Common injuries from automobiles include eye and ear issues from airbag impact, loss of limbs, chronic pain such as neck, hip, shoulder, and back problems, or head trauma.

Hiring an auto accident lawyer helps to keep you from settling too early. It is important that the full extent of the injury, and how it will affect your life and career, is known before a settlement agreement is completed. Compensation will need to cover costs related to the accident, as well as any future costs, such as loss of work or the impact on your mental health.

In addition to this, attorneys can help keep you from statements that may damage the case. The team at McEwen & Kestner has experience with strong-arm and scare tactics, will handle the case and collect any evidence necessary, and can calculate the true compensation required.

The firm is committed to protecting your rights whether you’ve suffered an automobile or trucking accident, been injured by defective products, or experienced personal injury through medical malpractice, gas fires, and other issues.

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A recent client stated: “I am highly satisfied in my experience with this firm. Everything was dealt with very professionally and diligently. Responses were quick and for my personal experience everything was explained to me in a simpler, easy way, so I could better understand my situation. I am very happy with the results of my experience here.”

If you’re looking for the best legal guidance in Minneapolis, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with McEwen & Kestner and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re working with experts in the field.

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