Get The Best Germantown No-Win, No-Fee Medical Malpractice Attorneys For Damages

Jan 31, 2023

Losing a family member unexpectedly may be the most traumatic experience you have ever faced. When this happens because of negligence or mistakes, it’s unbearable. You can’t get your loved one back, but you may be entitled to compensation. Call Justice Guardians Germantown (866-918-5292) today.

Get The Best Germantown No-Win, No-Fee Medical Malpractice Attorneys For Damages

Did you know that diagnostic errors alone are responsible for up to 100,000 deaths in the United States yearly?

The updated services offered by Germantown Medical Malpractice lawyers include experienced legal counseling for the relatives of malpractice victims who are seeking justice for their families.

If that's you, this contingency-based practice will educate you on your rights and the feasibility of securing compensation and damages for any wrongful death claim.

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Attorneys at the Justice Guardians division in Germantown will now help you and your family navigate the legal complexities involved in winning damages from the hospital or medical care clinic at fault. Wrongful death cases are difficult, but not impossible, the firm cautions, and healthcare providers are often willing to settle out of court.

According to studies, medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the United States, trailing only heart disease and cancer. Every year, about a quarter-million people in the United States die as a result of medical errors, negligence, and not receiving the commonly accepted standard of care.

In order to construct a legal case for wrongful death claims, Justice Guardian's highly experienced attorneys perform exhaustive reviews to define the legal options that are most appropriate for you Since the firm works on a contingency fee basis, you will incur no expenses unless a favorable outcome is achieved.

At the outset, Justice Guardians' attorneys will collect evidence and draft an initial demand letter, communicating your intention - as a member of the victim’s family - to collect damages. A desired settlement amount may also be stated so that the matter does not proceed to court. In most cases, the defendant - usually a healthcare facility - will seek to negotiate a settlement.

If a settlement cannot be reached, the firm’s team will file a wrongful death case in court. For a jury to find wrongful death, two types of evidence are necessary - expert testimony and testimony from those who were involved or witnesses to the care being provided. The court will hear evidence from the claimant and any relevant experts before making a determination.

Justice Guardians Germantown also offers legal representation for personal injury, workers' compensation, and sexual abuse cases. The Philadelphia firm maintains offices in Allentown, Newton Square, Pottstown, and several other locations across Pennsylvania.

One client commented: “Justice Guardians went above and beyond for my family and I during our medical malpractice lawsuit. The entire incident was traumatizing enough, but Laurence and his team took all the legal pressure off of us. Highly recommended team of injury lawyers.”

Pennsylvania has a two-year statute of limitations for wrongful death claims. While legal remedies are no doubt the last thing on your mind, you should be aware that assessing the situation and gathering evidence earlier is always prudent.

You can call 866-918-5292 or go to and see for yourself all the services offered in Germantown.

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