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Dec 17, 2021

When it comes to giving a gift, the only way to do it is properly – Properly Wrapped, that is! So why not try the professional wrapping service from Properly Wrapped (+1-817-377-3558) in Fort Worth, TX!

If you’re giving a gift to a special someone this Christmas, for a birthday, wedding, or any occasion at all, the real ribbon on top is, well, the ribbon on top! Make your gift something truly special, and get it professionally and tastefully wrapped by Melanie and the team at Properly Wrapped!

The latest additions to the company’s range include unique greeting cards for any occasion, from birthdays and baptisms to anniversaries and new baby cards.

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Properly Wrapped’s recent updates come just in time for the holiday season, providing you with a range of gift wrapping options in-store and quality hand-selected products online.

Founded by Melanie, a professional designer and lover of all things gift-wrapped, the company’s services have been developed to help you add a little extra thoughtfulness and love to your gifts, no matter where they were purchased. Offering a full range of beautiful, quality gift wrap, tags, boxes, ribbons, bows, and more, you simply need to bring in your items to the store in Fort Worth and the team will wrap them while you wait.

Properly Wrapped can also help you online, as the website stocks a wide and tasteful collection of greeting cards to order for delivery. Each card has been carefully selected by Melanie, to make your job a little easier. Offering humorous cards, stylish designs, and cute cartoons, the selection has something for every occasion, selected by a designer with an eye for beauty.

With the firm belief that the art of gift wrapping should be preserved, and every recipient deserves a tastefully wrapped gift, Melanie has also expanded her services to those customers who are outside of the company’s locale. If you’re interested in purchasing gift-wrapping services, just give Properly Wrapped a call to discuss drop shipping, no matter where you live.

In store, the process is a little simpler, and Melanie usually only requires an hour to wrap a gift, no matter the shape or size. During busy periods, it may take a little longer (depending on the size of the line in the shop), but no appointments are necessary to turn any gift into a masterpiece.

“This place deserves more hype,” said one satisfied customer. “I’ve been there twice to get wedding gifts professionally wrapped, and the team was fantastic both times. I gave them the color scheme of the wedding, and they made it look amazing. The wrapping is very secure too, I don't have to worry about it coming undone before the big day.”

Properly Wrapped is the unique and thoughtful gift wrapping service you can rely on for beautiful, creatively decorated gifts and a range of tasteful greetings cards.

Ready to learn more? Visit so you can take a look!

Properly Wrapped, 3550 W 7th St, Fort Worth, TX 76107, (817) 377-3558

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