Get The Best Expat Financial Advice If You Plan To Work In The Middle East

Mar 17, 2021

ADL Estate Planning has launched a report on the financial considerations required by UK expats. You can learn everything you need to know about protecting your money before you move to Asia or the Middle East, including Dubai!

Are you considering working and moving your family abroad to the Middle East or Asia? Do you currently work abroad in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Doha? Are you aware the financial systems are underdeveloped, and you may not have the same protection as at home in the UK? If you need expert financial advice while you are abroad, this is the report for you!

London-based ADL Estate Planning has launched a new report designed to support you if you are a UK expat working and living abroad in the Middle East and Asia.

You can read the report in full at

You can expect clear, concise, and up-to-date information from the report, which includes information on the unexpected charges you may face while you are working and managing your finances abroad. You can read details about second passports and residency at

It reflects the lack of awareness around international marketplaces as employment opportunities across Dubai, Doha, and Abu Dhabi increase. What you may be unaware of is the combination of factors that can leave you dealing with unexpected charges and fees.

This is because of a lack of financial regulation, corporate ethics, and advisory support coupled with aggressive sales techniques, which you and other UK expats may not be familiar with.

The report states that while you are living and working abroad and there is an undeveloped financial services industry, you must educate yourself rather than waiting for regulatory changes.

ADL Estate Planning includes advice within the report for you if you are a high-net worth expat living abroad. For instance, the company recommends you work with advisors qualified to a level 4 UK standard.

If you have a UK pension involved, the advisor should hold a level 6 UK Pension Transfer qualification. In addition, you should not feel embarrassed to ask for proof of your advisors’ qualifications.

Information on the advantages of second residency or passports is also provided by the company, which understands mobility is crucial. Particularly if you and your family are based in a country where there is instability or conflict.

If you have assets in underdeveloped countries, you are recommended to seek advice to protect your interests long-term. You may require asset protection that is more powerful than a standard will.

A spokesperson said: “Take financial advice seriously. It can save you hundreds of thousands, if not millions. And make you a decent sum, too. You should have reviews annually.”

“Do not expect your financial advisor to make you rich - if they promise you market beating investment returns consistently, get another advisor,” they added.

You can view more details about the report at

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