Get The Best Ewa Beach Handyman For Holiday Lights Installation & Home Repairs

Dec 3, 2022

Is all the wear and tear on your property piling up? Do you need a handyman to tackle all those little jobs you just don’t have the time for? If you live on Oahu, you’re in luck; Oahu Handyman (808-670-6526) has you covered!

Get The Best Ewa Beach Handyman For Holiday Lights Installation & Home Repairs

We’ve all been there. Leaky faucets, clogged toilets, chipped paint, a lawn overgrown with weeds… All these little things can be unsightly at best and a major inconvenience at worst. And installing holiday lights -- that's also a major pain to get right, especially if you have a larger house.

It’s undeniable that property ownership comes with a number of headaches, but in today’s climate, who has the time to deal with them?

Enter Oahu Handyman, the Oahu-based branch of Maui’s number one handyman company, Maui Handyman! That’s right; the top handyman business in Maui has now expanded its services to the island of Oahu!

The sky’s the limit with these expert handymen. Check out to see the full list of what they can do!

Oahu Handyman aims to provide its handyman services to customers in Ewa Beach, Waikiki, Kaneohe, Hawaii Kai, Kahala, and other surrounding areas. The team is an expert in building decks and fences, as well as vinyl flooring.

With inflation on the rise, the price of home repairs has been soaring. Maintenance costs have increased by almost 10%, leading many homeowners to forego much-needed repair work on their properties.

But don’t fret; Oahu Handyman’s versatile staff can address a number of maintenance issues around your residential or commercial properties at an affordable price.

The company offers a myriad of landscaping services, from pond maintenance, weeding, and hedging to sprinkler and lawn maintenance. Their specialized craftsmen can also build decks, stairs, and fences.

Oahu Handyman readily accepts smaller jobs as well. With fully licensed plumbers and electricians, Oahu Handyman can fix sinks, toilets, outlets, garbage disposals, and many other household appliances. Their highly trained staff members can also move furniture, paint, wash windows, and clean gutters, so you don’t have to! Seriously, it’s backbreaking work. It might be best to leave that stuff to the professionals.

Speaking of professionals, the company has also done extensive work for many large companies, including Tesla, Walgreens, Office Depot, and The Four Seasons Hotel. Let that sink in for a moment—if you hire them for your property's needs, you’ll be getting the same kind of top-tier service that the big corporations get, all at prices that won’t break the bank.

Oahu Handyman’s team of handymen has over 65 years of experience combined. With the latest expansion of their business, Oahu Handyman continues to provide its inexpensive, high-quality handyman services to property owners in Oahu and Maui.

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A satisfied customer said: “Jonathon and his crew did an amazing job and we couldn't be happier. We were kept informed of progress through pictures, phone calls, and texts throughout the whole job. Jonathon had set a timeline of 2 weeks to complete the job and all work was completed in a clean and timely manner. We cannot recommend Oahu/Maui Handyman enough and would definitely hire them again in the future for any work that we need to be done.”

From Maui to Oahu, Oahu Handyman is ready to bring its top-rated services to you. Call them today at 808-670-6526 for all of your handyman needs!

Don’t wait until your property is falling apart before you give them a shout. Visit to find out more!

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