Get The Best Digital Telehealth Tool To Manage Every Aspect Of Your US Clinic

Mar 4, 2021

Power Diary has launched a new health clinic software tool aimed at healthcare providers in the US who want to embrace telehealth and simplify their business processes while increasing their efficiency.

Do you own or operate a healthcare clinic or practice in the US? Are you currently embracing telehealth services? Are you aware that you can streamline your business processes to save yourself money and increase your efficiency? Do you want to better manage your appointments, invoicing, and patient communication? If you have answered ‘yes’ this is the tool for you!

Power Diary has launched a new practice management software system aimed at you if you are a healthcare provider across the US. It is designed to streamline your business processes while increasing the overall efficiency of your practice.

You can find out more at

The newly launched digital tool is designed to simplify telehealth by unifying and centralizing key aspects including your clinical notes, communication methods, and appointment management. You can view more details at or at

As a flexible clinic system tool and practice management software, Power Diary can be used by a range of healthcare professionals whether you are a mental health specialist, social worker, counselor, dietitian, massage therapist, chiropractor, osteopath, or any other healthcare provider.

In total, Power Diary offers you over 100 different features. This broad range ensures there is something for every practitioner, whether you want to digitize your invoicing or require diary management support.

The latter is a total solution as there is the option to manage your client, group, personal, and recurring appointments. There is also a customization element that enables you to implement a color-coded flag system to help you highlight key details. For instance, if you are meeting a patient for the first time.

There is a secure telehealth video call feature that is reflective of the changing needs of both you and your patients and focuses on security. It offers you end-to-end encryption and is designed to be easy to use as there are no prior downloads or logins required.

Your online forms can also be easily created and managed through Power Diary. Access to a template library is provided as standard and each form can be personalized to include your business branding.

A satisfied client wrote: “Power Diary is my virtual business partner. As a sole trader I need a CRM that I can trust, one that gives me the functionality necessary to manage my diary, client communications, and financial reporting.”

“Power Diary gives me all of this plus insights, trends, and the ability to view my business from all angles,” they added.

You can find out more or request a demo by visiting the links provided! Alternatively, you can view more details at

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