Best Video Telehealth & Invoicing Software For Mental Health Practice Management

Feb 18, 2022

Get the software you need to streamline your medical practice with secure telehealth calls, automatic invoicing, and SMS appointment reminders for your patients.

Best Video Telehealth & Invoicing Software For Mental Health Practice Management

Like many people over the last few years, I've been really wanting to try out telehealth video calls with my doctor.

The only reason I haven't is that I hear the camera adds 10 pounds.

If you want to make visits with your patients easier and attract new clients, then you need to get the most powerful clinical practice management software on the market. It makes all the technical computer work simple or automatic, so you can spend your time worrying about patients instead of invoices and appointment reminders.

Managing a medical practice gets a little more complicated every year, with new requirements and clients expecting a wider range of services. The tools included with Power Diary make keeping track of clients easier and allow your clinic to offer all the new features that your patients expect.

Visit to learn all about practice management software, and how it can make your job easier.

With the right practice management software, your clinic can provide patients with video conferencing from their homes, that does not require them to download or install anything on their devices. The video calls use end-to-end encryption to ensure confidentiality, and the data never passes through any third-party servers.

To join a telehealth call, your patients only have to click on a link sent to them by the clinic, and they are not required to log in or remember any passwords. Power Diary telehealth calls work on almost any device with a microphone and camera, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices running either Android or iOS. Find out more at

Power Diary also includes a wide range of other features to help manage your practice, including appointment software that can send automatic reminders to your clients, which have been shown to reduce no-shows. Reminders can be sent using either text messages or e-mail, and you can automatically send up to three reminders per appointment. For information about practice management software for mental health professionals, please visit

To allow your staff access to their information while out of the office, Power Diary uses cloud-based software. The entire software suite is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and can also be used with tablets or mobile devices.

There are no technical skills required to use Power Diary. The software has been designed to help your clinic integrate it seamlessly into your existing workflows, and make it simple to train new staff. In case of any problems, the company provides live support through online chats, e-mail, or phone calls, and can provide demonstrations of the software by request. To learn more about Power Diary for therapists, please visit

A satisfied client said, “Really efficient planning and invoicing. The reminder emails and text messages have been reliable. I have been thoroughly impressed with Power Diary.”

Sure, you could do many of the things that Power Diary does by hand, but why spend your time calling to remind patients about their visit, dealing with invoices, and trying to squeeze appointments into the calendar? Power Diary takes care of all of that, and so much more - and it's easier for your patients too. They can even book their appointments online, regardless of if your clinic is closed and no one is around to answer the phone.

Visit to get all the features your patients want, and you deserve.

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