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May 31, 2023

Looking for the best products for your auto shop? Don’t have time to spend researching detailing solutions or can’t afford to buy a product that’s not going to do the job? Check out The Autobody Source – the ultimate resource for technicians and hobbyists alike!

If you need some help sifting through the thousands of car detailing products out there, check out The Autobody Source for the latest guides and reviews of the best solutions for your automotive business!

This renowned online information hub for auto shops and collision repair specialists provides you with a host of informational articles, product reviews, and industry insight on the latest automotive repair goods. The guides are an essential and direct resource for warehouses, motoring hobbyists, and automotive technicians. Check them out today!

There ain't nobody like the Autobody Source - a mine of information for all things automotive. More details at

Recently-published pieces include reviews and analysis of powerful, high-end autobody cleaning tools and formulas alongside finishing cloths and headlight lens restoration kits.

If you're a busy automotive technician, The Autobody Source website saves you valuable time by sifting through the thousands of products on the market today, collating a collection of recommendations of the most effective detailing products available.

Among the new guides is an article that looks at the Mothers® Clay Bar from SEM. The MOT.07242 version is a fine-grade 300-gram kit, suitable for addressing light surface contamination. The MOT.87241 medium-grade 200-gram option comes with a dispenser box and is designed for use on medium to heavy surface contamination.

According to the article, the fine-grade version works in conjunction with Mothers® Professional Instant Detailer and is ideal for removing particulate debris, metal grains, and paint overspray.

The guide goes on to share some tips on how you can best use the bars, such as ensuring that your vehicle's exterior is cool and clean before applying the instant detailer to lubricate the target area. You should focus on one section at a time, gliding the clay back and forth in a sweeping motion.

The Autobody Source recommends you fold and knead the clay bar regularly to refresh the working surface. The manufacturer suggests using a soft microfiber cloth to towel off any excess spray before moving on to the next section. This article, along with loads of others on the website, really helps you get the most out of your auto products.

About The AutoBody Source

The publication has been in operation since 1992, servicing over 17,000 jobber customers every year in the US, Canada, Bermuda, Puerto Rica, and beyond. In addition to its expert product guides, the hub also connects automotive professionals with suppliers in their area and curates career education resources for new technicians.

A spokesperson says, “Detailing clay bars are non-abrasive, synthetic putty that pulls pollution and environmental contamination out of automotive paint surfaces. The result is a smooth-as-glass feel that makes the finish look brand new.”

Improve your detailing business with expert product guides from Autobody Source!

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