Get The Best Business LPA Legal Solutions For Landlords In Holborn London

Feb 15, 2021

Looking for the best LPA estate planning attorney in Holborn, London? Contact ADL Estate Planning Ltd for the experts who will help you secure your future!

If you need help making a Lasting Power of Attorney, the team at ADL Estate Planning Ltd have the solution for you!

ADL Estate Planning Ltd, an estate planning law firm in Holborn, London, announced the launch of an updated range of legal services. The experienced attorney can help business owners and landlords put in place Lasting Powers of Attorney documents and create many other asset protection strategies.

The newly launched legal services at ADL Estate Planning Ltd aim to help you plan for challenges you may face in the future.

Many people over 18 should consider a Lasting Powers of Attorney document to protect their assets. This type of protection is particularly important for business owners and landlords.

Those who do not have an LPA in place can expect that their tenants, customers, suppliers and staff could be seriously affected in the future. An LPA allows a chosen attorney to make decisions on their behalf if they are unable to make decisions about their care and their finances due to a loss of mental or physical capacity.

The team at ADL Estate Planning Ltd can provide expert legal advice and help you create the right LPAs. They have extensive experience advising on Health and Welfare LPAs, as well as Property and Financial Affairs LPAs.

When working with ADL Estate Planning Ltd, you can choose to draw an LPA that covers both your personal and business affairs or you can restrict it to business affairs only.

More information can be found at

In the case of business affairs, the attorneys can buy and sell property, organise property insurance and repairs, access bank statements, open and close bank accounts, invest assets, and deal with tax affairs on your behalf.

In addition to providing Lasting Powers of Attorney and legal advice, the team at ADL Estate Planning Ltd can offer estate planning services, IHT planning, business succession solutions, and many more.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “Our clients are all different with their unique sets of challenges and it’s important to us that we understand their circumstances clearly. We’re patient, we’re thorough, we’re considerate and we’re direct when we need to be.”

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