Get The Best Bossier City Lawyer For Your Disability Case Appeal & Application

Apr 12, 2021

Do you want the best legal guidance with your social security disability claim? Getting in touch with an expert like Philip M Hendry ensures you stand the best chance of success!

Whether you’re applying for your social security disability benefits for the first time, or are fighting your case after a refusal, working with an experienced attorney is important.

A newly updated social security disability claims service has been launched by Phillip M Hendry, Attorney at Law. He specializes in helping clients to succeed in their case and takes pride in helping families to get the results they deserve.

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The newly updated service is part of Phillip M Hendry’s commitment to client satisfaction. He covers social security disability cases in Louisiana, East Texas, and Southwest Arkansas.

Thousands of American citizens apply for social security disability benefits every year. However, despite this, data shows that only around a third of these applications are approved. Phillip M Hendry explains that some clients are unable to complete the application process due to their physical or mental conditions. His office assists in applying for benefits and provides help with all necessary paperwork. Many of his clients have hired him after they have applied and been denied because they were worn out and overwhelmed with the process.    It’s important to work with a legal specialist to ensure the best results, and it’s here where Phillip M Hendry excels. 

In one particular case, a client applied and focused on the effects of a particular serious disease - but lack of medical treatment in recent years prevented the case from succeeding.  Mr. Hendry evaluated the case and determined that success could be obtained by adding other serious physical conditions to the claim that his client was currently treating for and benefits were awarded after appealing the case to an administrative law judge. 

Other clients have claims that are defined because the medical records do not articulate how disabling their condition is.   One recent client had a condition that caused one of his legs to swell, but treatment records didn’t reflect how often and how severely this swelling affected the ability to work. Phillip M Hendry and his team were able to secure written opinions from the doctor to better explain the symptoms and how it would limit working.  After submitting this additional information, the client was awarded benefits from the administrative law judge.

Research shows that applicants who use an attorney are three times more likely to be awarded social security disability benefits. It’s for this reason that Phillip M Hendry advises clients to get in touch whith his office, whether applying for benefits or fighting a denial.

As a leading attorney in the area, Phillip M Hendry has over 30 years of experience. He knows the process and systems in detail and can provide clear, actionable advice and guidance at every stage.

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He can help clients just beginning with their application, and also provides legal aid for those dealing with a denied case. His services are centered around developing a winning case theory and covering all the necessary requirements for the best chance of success.

A spokesperson for the attorney states: “Phillip M Hendry has the experience and insight to ensure that you have done everything in your power to receive the benefits you deserve. Before you apply, schedule a free consultation with our firm.”

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