Get The Best Animal Protection Children’s Books On Endangered Shark Species

Aug 26, 2021

Looking for a way to help your kids learn about the environment and endangered species? Then you’ll love ‘Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad’, the latest release from Children’s Books for Kids Who Care.

Do you want to find a way to help your children learn about endangered species? Don’t want to bog your kids down with facts, just want to help them understand? Then the latest Endangered Species book from Carol Perkins (a.k.a Carrots) is ideal!

‘Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad’ is the first in Carrot’s current series, which the author intends to follow up with later in 2021 with a children’s book on the subject of rhinos.

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The release has been written and illustrated by Carol Perkins to break down information about shark endangerment into bite-size pieces, and to inform and educate young children who may struggle with a longer book. By simplifying the facts about the roles sharks play in the ocean ecosystem, Perkins has created an inclusive and engaging tool for teaching your child and imparting knowledge.

A lifelong lover of learning, Perkins, known as Carrots since her formative years, developed a keen interest in the environment and animal protection after spending 40 years as a business analyst, and realizing how much there was left to learn. As her knowledge grew, so did her concern for the environment and the impact humankind has had on global ecosystems.

Presented in an easy-to-read manner that helps your children retain what they’re reading, ‘Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad’ focuses on offering a range of memorable facts and statistics about sharks. The book explains how sharks play a vital role in keeping the oceans clean, and the reasons that many species have become endangered in recent years.

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Perkins’ approach to presenting shark facts in her latest release was developed with the understanding that many children prefer to avoid large, instructional books. Her presentation of data in a manner that helps children care about and remember what they’re reading has led to a range of positive reviews.

Available in various eBook formats from the Children’s Books for Kids Who Care website, the hand-illustrated book is also available via Amazon. 10% of the sale proceeds from each book are donated to shark conservation.

With the latest announcement, Carol Perkins and Children’s Books for Kids Who Care continue to invest in educating and informing children on the importance of caring for the environment and animal protection.

Help your children learn facts about the world, the environment, and animal protection.

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