Get The Best American Made Multi-Functional Lap Throw For Maximum Comfort

Jan 7, 2021

The wait is over – functional lap throws with clear-view pouches are here at last! Warmer Upper boasts superior warmth and comfort while keeping your essentials safe and snug!

Do you think that ordinary blankets can’t be improved upon? Think again! The Warmer Upper lap throw is everything you could want in a blanket – not only is it designed for superior comfort and warmth, but its clear pouch allows you to stay cozy while using and charging your mobile devices! 

LapWrap LLC has announced the expanded launch of the Warmer Upper lap throw for seated users. The multi-function product is provided by a veteran-owned startup dedicated to ensuring that customers are warm and comfortable at all times. 

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The newly launched Warmer Upper blanket is designed with added functionality to keep you warm at home or outdoors during cold winter months. Company representatives explained that their revolutionary lap throw’s unique design allows you to continue using your mobile devices while fully wrapped up. 

The product accomplishes this goal with its detachable clear-view pouch, in which you can securely store your essentials and personal belongings such as eyeglasses, smartphones, and iPads. The pouch is touch-sensitive, meaning you can use your devices without removing them from the pouch. 

Further, the Warmer Upper lap throw comes with an included six-foot USB cable, helping you to make sure that your electronic devices are charged up for continued use. 

If you’re commonly affected by the cold at home or outside, you’re sure to benefit from the Warmer Upper’s lightweight design and ergonomic wing. Whether you’re a regular camper or you frequently attend sporting events, this is the lap throw blanket you’ve been waiting for! 

The durable American-made blanket is manufactured in Connecticut using high-quality Polartec Thermal Pro fabric. Its hypoallergenic material retains a soft texture for added comfort. As a warmth and comfort solution, it’s a safer alternative than electronic products such as space heaters. 

“This is my favorite go-to blanket when I’m heading out the door to my kids’ games,” said a satisfied customer. “No more cold bleacher seats. It’s brilliantly designed for sitting – I can sit on part of it and the other half folds perfectly over my lap. Best part is the fact that I can pop my phone in the clear pocket and know exactly where it is when I stand up to cheer.”

With the latest announcement, Warmer Upper continues to provide worldwide customers with premium lap throws designed for functionality. The company has pledged to give back to its community and support US veterans, donating a portion of each sale to the Disabled American Veterans charity. 

The Warmer Upper is so soft, warm, and comfortable that one use will have you wondering how you ever got by without it! Click the above link to order yours now! 

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