Get No Fee Credit Card Processing In Chandler, AZ – Cash Incentive For Customers

Jan 27, 2022

Would you like to save money while offering your customers a discount? With Our Lokal payment processing, you never pay a credit card fee, and you can offer customers a discount for paying in cash.

Get No Fee Credit Card Processing In Chandler, AZ - Cash Incentive For Customers

How much does your business spend every month just on credit card processing fees? Hundreds? Thousands of dollars? With Our Lokal, you'll never spend another cent, and you can earn bonuses by sharing this great new platform with other local businesses.

With traditional payment platforms, you often pay up to 4% in fees on every single credit card transaction. This new platform from Our Lokal saves you that 4% by building the fee into the sale price for the customer, allowing you to save on every transaction.

Visit to find out how much you could save on credit card processing fees.

Credit card processing by Our Lokal is designed to mesh seamlessly with all kinds of payment methods, and the company has technical support staff available 24/7 to help with any complications. The new processing platform also includes specialized software to help track all of your transactions.

Using the included software, you can view a data summary and graphic analysis of your transactions broken down per day, week, or month. The software is included complimentary for all clients, as well as the company’s white glove installation service that takes care of the entire setup process.

By transferring the processing fee to your customers, you can provide an incentive to make purchases with cash, which eliminates the fee altogether. This incentive can also be offered as a discount, which can help to increase customer satisfaction while still saving you money.

To estimate the amount your store may save by removing their credit card processing fee, Our Lokal provides a free cost savings analysis (CSA) on their website, under their “Getting Started,” section. By filling out a few simple details, you can determine if your brand qualifies for the no processing fees platform with no obligation.

Our Lokal is partnered with some of the world’s top payment platforms and e-commerce giants, including Shopify, NMI, Quickbooks, and WooCommerce. They offer no-contract, next-day funding solutions to clients throughout Arizona.

A satisfied client said, “Everything was explained to me from the very beginning. I was not interested in the beginning, but when they explained their payments processing, I was sold. Very simple solution, but it helped me a lot with my everyday processes and saved money for our company. I highly recommend Our Lokal Payments.”

Why should your business pay 4% on every transaction, when there's a better option? With Our Lokal, you can build the fee into each sale, and let the customers decide if they want to pay it, or use cash for an automatic discount.

Visit to start saving today.

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