Get Legal Disputes Resolved Fast At Low Cost With JUR Blockchain Powered Resolution Platform

Jan 3, 2019

A revolutionary new contract dispute platform based on blockchain technology is set to change the way justice works online. JUR is a powerful, consensus based dispute resolution platform.

JUR, a powerful new blockchain technology, is set to revolutionize the market for justice systems by offering justice as a service on the Blockchain. It will provide fast, easy dispute resolution at a fraction of the cost.

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JUR represents a bridge between the blockchain and the real economy, and is the first consensus based dispute resolution platform. It has been developed to completely change the way contract dispute resolutions are resolved.

The team behind JUR explain that most contractual disputes that go to arbitration take more than 6 months to resolve, and cost more than 50% of the original contracted amount.

This is where JUR can help, because with the revolutionary new platform, each dispute will be resolved within 24 hours at almost zero cost to the contracted parties.

One of the core principles of the platform is that its core functionality is free to use, and allows people to benefit in a variety of ways. For example, they can create smart legal agreements, make secure ESCROW deposits, resolve contractural disputes in 24 hours, and withdraw settlements securely.

The platform has a reliable dispute resolution system that is built on the interaction and engagement from a qualified legal community. It provides consensus based voting, and anti-biase principles to help ensure a fair result.

In addition to this, users can use JUR for secure transactions. The JUR platform uses blockchain technology for the secure management of legal agreements, ESCROW deposits, and settlement payments.

The team states: “JUR users are entitled to manage 3 agreements per month, free of charge. Additional agreements will be chargeable. JUR offers a selection of tools for experts to build Smart Legal Agreement Templates and sell them via the JUR Marketplace, charging a small fee from each Agreement sold.”

Full details of the benefits of the revolutionary new platform can be found on the URL above.

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