Get Legal Advice From No Win No Fee Attorneys For Car Accidents In Alpharetta GA

Mar 16, 2021

Seeking compensation for your car accident injuries? This legal team from Atlanta can represent your case through the entire legal process whether you’re in Alpharetta or other areas in Georgia.

Figuring in a car crash can affect all aspects of your life, so it’s crucial that you partner with an attorney who fully understands your situation.  

Personal injury firm Cambre & Associates offers their legal services to individuals who’ve suffered injuries following an automotive accident. The Atlanta-based legal team is licensed to serve clients from Alpharetta and other cities in Georgia.

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The firm can provide the legal representation you need as you navigate the complex judicial system. Pre-pandemic research puts the number of car accidents in the US at over six million per year, some leading to serious injuries and fatalities.

To assist you with your claims, the firm led by Atty. Glenn Cambre begins their work by performing a cursory review of the case, which may involve asking you questions about the accident and the injuries you sustained, as well as going through the initial police report.

The attorneys will then proceed with giving both legal and medical guidance. As the firm’s objectives go beyond just helping you obtain financial remuneration, they also put you in touch with doctors and other healthcare professionals specializing in car accident cases.

The attorney assigned to the case will represent you throughout all stages of the legal process, from negotiating with the insurance company to fighting for the case in the unlikely event that it reaches the courtroom. The goal is to reach a full and fair settlement without litigation, but the legal expert can also adequately prepare your case should the matter escalate into a court battle.

Cambre & Associates represents clients for a wide range of personal injury cases without requiring any upfront attorney fees, allowing car accident victims to focus on getting better physically and overcoming their trauma.

A spokesperson from the firm explains, “In the state of Georgia, it is customary for car accident lawyers to work on a contingency fee basis. That means that they take a predetermined percentage of a court award or settlement. This works in favor of many car accident victims who cannot afford the retainers that attorneys in other areas of the law charge.”

With Cambre & Associates, you can confidently seek justice for your car accident injuries without adding to your list of worries and bills to pay.

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