Get High-Pressure Umbrella Misters To Cool Your Restaurant, Home Patio Or Deck

Oct 22, 2021

Beat the heat with a high-pressure misting umbrella that will leave you feeling cool, without getting you or your guests all wet. Cool a larger area by attaching multiple misters to a single pump.

Cooling off has just gotten a whole lot easier with the release of the Mister Brella. It offers a unique way to cool down your patio or deck, and now it’s easy to increase how much area you’re cooling without using up every hose attachment in your hose.

The recently updated line of Mister Brella misting umbrellas allows you to cool much larger areas while still using only a single pump and water source. The larger cooling packages use a stronger pump that provides the same amount of pressure for many misting devices.

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Using the updated triple and quadruple cooling systems, you can cool a larger area for a lower price per square foot. This is because a significant amount of the cost is due to the pump itself, and up to four umbrellas can easily be run at 1,000 pounds of pressure off a single, larger pump.

The misting system can be attached to any water source and uses a standard garden hose-style attachment. Each Mister Brella has 14 separate anti-drip misting nozzles to provide wide and even coverage. Combining the shade of the umbrella with the cool mist from the nozzles, temperatures can be reduced by up to 25 degrees.

Mister Brella’s high-pressure pumps use 0.006-inch tiny misting nozzles to create the smallest possible water particulates. By producing a finer mist, they can produce a “dry fog” that cools the ambient temperature more effectively, while also evaporating without getting everything wet.

Cool-Off specializes in misting devices of all sizes, for various applications. While the Mister Brella is aesthetically pleasing and useful for cooling your residential or commercial patio, the company also provides larger, industrial misting solutions.

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Larger high-pressure misters are frequently seen at construction sites and other outdoor workplaces to eliminate heat stress and other occupational health and safety hazards. You can also find them in action at greenhouses and in locations where odor or dust control is important.

A satisfied client said, “When we started our project, the owner talked me through the entire design process and provided me with the details of exactly what I needed. The system works great and my friends and family are amazed by how well it cools off our patio area, even in triple-digit heat.”

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors but you’re tired of melting every time you step outside, then the Mister Brella has got you covered. Your guests will love lounging on your patio underneath one of these cool misting devices, and the only hard part will be getting them to leave again!

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