High-Pressure Misting Systems For Backyard Cooling During BBQs & Parties

Sep 25, 2023

With Cool-Off™, you can create a much more welcoming outdoor experience for your barbecues, parties, and gatherings thanks to these innovative misting systems!

Are you tired of the heat hitting you like a brick wall when you walk out of the house? It’s not exactly ideal for your barbecues or parties.

Thankfully, Cool-Off™ has the solution: high-pressure misting fans, which you can install around your patio or any outdoor space!

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That's right – you can upgrade your outdoor living spaces, patios, and yards with two distinct misting nozzle designs. These are spaced 18-24 inches apart and create a fine, cooling mist, that helps to create a more comfortable outdoor atmosphere without getting you wet.

During the hot summer months, many homeowners struggle to find respite from the oppressive heat. Simple outdoor tasks like grilling or lounging by the pool can become difficult, forcing you back indoors. Cool-Off's advanced misting systems offer an energy-efficient alternative to stay comfortably cool outdoors even on hot days.

While high-pressure misting technology has been a staple for years at theme parks, resorts, and high-end restaurants, Cool-Off is bringing this innovative solution directly to the home. The company's residential misting systems connect to any standard water line and utilize a high-powered pump to deliver a gentle, enveloping mist.

The systems achieve up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit of cooling without an excessive amount of moisture. The ultra-fine mist quickly evaporates, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space more comfortably.

Many competing misting systems suffer from insufficient water pressure, resulting in large droplets that simply drench the area without cooling it effectively. Cool-Off's high-performance pumps atomize the water into a micro-fine mist that maximizes evaporation. By harnessing the natural process of evaporation, the company can effectively dissipate heat and lower ambient temperatures.

Discussing the system, a spokesperson states: "We aim to provide you with the highest quality shade or misting solution for your home or business through outstanding customer service and expert advice. Our trained consultants work with you over the phone to help you decide on the best cooling solution for your particular needs. We are adept at working with architects, engineers, or builders to select the best solution for your application."

If you want to be able to enjoy your yard and cook up a storm without worrying about the heat, you need one of these systems in your life!

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