Get Federal Surety Bonds Fast: Los Angeles Bonding Agency with Minimum Paperwork

Jun 14, 2023

Surety Bond Professionals (781-559-0568) is your partner that will help you secure a larger bonding program to increase your revenue year after year!

Maintaining a business isn't easy, so it pays to delegate certain tasks - like finding good bond companies - to those who are more capable, experienced, and well-connected. Whatever type of construction bond you need, Surety Bond Professionals can help!

If you are planning to bid on a public construction project, Surety Bond Professionals can help you secure any of the four types of federal construction bonds: performance, payment, bid, and supply.

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Under the Miller Act, performance and payment bonds are required for all federal projects worth over $100,000 - with supply and bid bonds sometimes required for specific projects. Aside from being necessary for bidding on public projects, bonds can also help you demonstrate a good reputation and can improve your chances of winning the bid even when a bond is not required.

With access to over 25 federal-friendly surety markets, Surety Bond Professionals can match you with the right bonding companies for your size, financial situation, and specialization. They offer a variety of surety programs with flexible payment terms, and work as a mediator between you and bonding companies - helping to maintain a good working relationship.

The agency uses a proprietary process that minimizes the amount of paperwork you need to submit when applying for a bond. Some of the required paperwork includes detailed financial documents, a list of projects you have completed, and your credit score.

“Surety Bond Professionals specializes in putting together the largest, most competitive bond programs for federal government contractors. This allows their contractors to grow revenue and win more federal opportunities. Contact us now for a free program assessment and to improve your bond program today,” a representative said.

The agency is committed to finding you the best bond program because they treat all their clients like "business family," and they want to see you succeed! Do you want to know more about their bonding process and maybe get a quote? Or perhaps you have some specific issues that you want to discuss? Call them today or go to their website and complete the request form - a team member will contact you to answer questions and get your application started!

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