Get Fast And Reliable Camper Hitch Installation With This Ocala FL Company

Dec 10, 2020

Looking for a reliable company to carry out a hich installation for your camper? Based in Ocala, Florida, R&B Hitch has launched its camper hitch installation service. It carries out fast hitch installations for mobile homes and comes directly to you.

Looking for a reliable company to carry out a hich installation for your camper? If you answered ‘yes’, then this company is for you!

R&B Hitch of Ocala has launched its camper hitch installation service in Ocala, Florida. The company performs hitch installations for mobile homes and comes directly to you.

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The newly launched service saves you time by coming directly to your home or work for the RV hitch installation. You do not waste time traveling to a mechanic. You also no longer need to arrange to be dropped off or picked up at the automotive center. The fast and reliable service eliminates interruption from your day.

R&B Hitch’s experienced staff make camper hitch installations a smooth and easy process. First it handles preliminary tasks such as reconnecting the battery, disconnecting the hitch lock, and elevating the trailer tongue.

Once work is ready to begin, R&B Hitch’s staff will place the wheel chocks so that the trailer does not move. Then the coupler latch is opened and the manual or automatic crank is used to lower the coupler onto the trailer hitch ball. Then the latch is locked and the hitch pin inserted.

After pinning, R&B Hitch’s staff will raise the trailer tongue again to plug the spring bars before attaching the trailer hitch pin. The hitch pin is inserted from left to right putting it in on the left side of the hitch pin receiver tube. This is important because the highest place on a highway is the left side for drainage purposes.

Then the company will hook up the electrical plug using a seven-pin connector. Crossed safety chains are then connected. As well, the breakaway cable is looped through the safety loop. A weight distribution is then installed with spring bars.

The next step is to hitch the chain and check that the spring bar is parallel with the frame. The tension should then be undone by adding some more links. The spring bars are then secured to the frame of the camper through the saddle by a locking pin.

A sway control bar is then installed. Once the hook-up is completed and the weight distribution system installed on both sides of the frame the jack is lowered the rest of the way. A final check is done to ensure all the cords are set up adequately and that the breakaway cable is installed properly and the battery is connected to the camper with the breaking system working and no cables dragging.

R&B Hitch’s camper installation service solves a number problems. The measures taken prevent the camper from being detached or stolen, improve sway management, and allow for safe travel.

You can get more information about R&B Hitch by visiting the website listed above or by calling 352-572-1090.

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