Need A Refresher? TransTech Offers CDL Refresher Courses

Apr 14, 2024

TransTech offers a refresher course for those interested in returning to truck driving. Learn more about the benefits below.

Need A Refresher? TransTech Offers CDL Refresher Courses

The team at TransTech offers refresher courses for truck drivers interested in getting back on the road. The two-week, 80-hour course provides drivers a refresher on proper driving methods and how to operate the vehicle. Those interested in learning more about getting started are encouraged to visit here.

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), there is an immediate need for about 30,000 truck driving jobs in the United States. Each refresher course allows truck drivers to brush up on skills, including behind-the-wheel & classroom training. Each class helps drivers improve and become valuable hiring candidates, improve driving skills, and avoid legal trouble.

Each CDL refresher course will help drivers get back to work quickly. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations constantly change, so it is essential to understand how the laws can change. Thus a state-of-the-art refresher course from TransTech will help drivers understand the most critical aspects.

After completing a refresher course, drivers have a new opportunity to find another truck driving job. Refreshment courses allow those who want back into the trucking world the ability to apply and receive a job.

Transtech courses teach drivers the importance of safety throughout the course. Drivers can also adequately operate the trucks and can travel long distances for an extended period. Highly trained instructors will teach drivers everything needed to get back on the road faster.

Courses are held Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at various locations across North Carolina. Areas include Asheville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Newton.

Transtech is ready to help drivers get back behind the wheel. Be sure to visit Transtech to learn more about the refresher course and other valuable information.

Transtech provides drivers with CDL training, driving courses, and highly trained instructors. Be sure to visit Transtech to learn more about becoming a certified CDL truck driver!

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